Insulating with Spray Foam for Roofs in Los Angeles

Spray Foam Insulation: Advantages And Drawbacks by Orange Counties #1 Specialist

Spray foam is an excellent alternative to classic fiberglass or other insulation materials. Sprayed directly onto the surface that needs insulation, this foam goes out of the tube as a liquid and it quickly transforms into a solid mass with very good insulating properties. There are several advantages to using this type of insulation, as we are going to see from this article, below. We are also going to see its main drawbacks, so you can make an informed choice when you decide what type of insulation to use for your walls. This information is brought to you by a spray foam roofing insulation company in Orange County, Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Main Advantages to Insulate your Roof and Home:


Spray foam insulation is very convenient. It is easy to apply, even in hard to reach spots. Moreover, being liquid when it comes out of the gun, it perfectly fills all orifices, crevices and cracks, thus creating an effective barrier against air leakage.


Spray foam has the highest R-value out of all insulation materials available. Energy advisers and building specialists recommend it as the best solution on maintaining a constant indoor temperature with minimum of energy consumption.


Unlike fiberglass and cellulose, spray foam isn’t a friendly environment for mold or various germs and bacteria. The fact that it penetrates and fills the whole available space is enough for preventing various organic matters getting trapped into the insulation. This also prevents unwanted moisture, thus minimizing the risk of mold formation.

Drawbacks to Spray Foam and Roofing with Chemicals

Not 100% Green

A well-insulated home is eco-friendly, but its insulation is not. Spray foam insulation is obtained mainly from oil or petroleum.

UV Degradable

As this foam is not UV-resistant, it has to be covered in order to maintain its properties over time. This translates into additional work needed in order to cover it.


All such foams are flammable, so you must install an ignition barrier if you use them to insulate rooms that contain a flame source. Nonetheless, spray foam insulation is ideal for isolating attics, basements and other spaces that have to face high humidity levels.

Relatively Expensive

OC LA commercial roofingIf you calculate how much it costs to insulate a wall with various materials, this would come out as the most expensive of all. However, taking into consideration your energy savings on long term, it might prove to be a wise choice. Long term is a more reasonable way of thinking such costs, as energy bills can be quite high in case of a badly insulated house.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you should wear protective gear while installing the foam, as it gasses. You should avoid inhaling the gasses or getting in contact with the foam. Even if you wear adequate protective equipment, you should be very careful and have good skills, as applying this foam can get messy. You need to read the handling instructions very carefully. If possible, ask the vendor to provide you some training. Even better, hire a professional technician to apply your insulation, as this is the best way of making sure everything is going to be OK and your walls properly insulated.

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    Spray Foam Insulation in Atlanta and New Orleans

    Spray Foam Insulation Makes Homes in Atlanta and New Orleans More Comfortable To Live In by Wilserv

    Atlanta and New Orleans have similar humid and sub-tropical climates, and many homes in the regions are climatically controlled in order to promote comfortable living. It makes sense therefore to have your home or commercial spaces properly insulated, so that it can help you to save on utility bills.

    Before you decide on any sort of insulation for your home, you will do well to get in the experts to make an energy audit of your home or property, so that any insulation work undertaken is useful and does exactly what it is supposed to. The same agencies that undertake insulation work can also perform such energy audits. In these audits they will check the construction of the building and its tightness, installed cooling and heating systems, lighting, appliances, windows and doors and insulation levels. They will then recommend the right insulation for your home, so that it enables you to use energy efficiently and can help to reduce running costs.

    Traditionally, homes and properties in these cities have used fiber glass for insulation. In this system of insulation, fiber glass rolls of varied thicknesses, depending on the required insulation, are fitted into cavities or wall and roof surfaces, and held in place by some sort of framework. This does not make for a very airtight insulation, and there will be some leakage of air which will reduce the efficiency of the insulation. Some pockets remain unfilled by insulation and add to its inefficiency. All these problems can be avoided if spray foam insulation is installed.

    Spray foam insulation is plastic polyurethane foam which is applied to the surfaces needing insulation by spraying. This enables the layer of insulation to be continuous and completely seals in all the air. The foam is able to reach all areas and even the smallest of crevices. The mixture of spay foam expands and this enables it to seal all gaps and act as a barrier to moisture and vapor. It has complete resistance to any transfer of heat. Spray foam insulation used in Atlanta and New Orleans can either be low density, medium density or high density. Each type of foam has its own unique properties. Low and medium density foams are used to fill interior cavities and unvented attics and the medium variety forms continuous insulation. High density foam is useful for open area and on rooms or terraces, where it can also act as a waterproofing barrier.

    Roofing Insulation in Georgia and Louisiana

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  • Spray foam can stick to any clean surface and will never disintegrate or shrink. The insulation is liquid when sprayed, but expands as foam to hundred times its original volume and effectively fills up all the spaces. Spray foam is ideal for buildings that need heating and air conditioning. It creates a thermal envelope and unlike fiber glass insulation will never have any loose fibers. It adheres to wood and steel and all other building materials and does not require any special primers or adhesives before application. Savings in energy bills after the use of foam insulation can be twenty percent or more. Contact Wilserv online for services in Georgia or Louisiana.

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    Roof Attic and Wall Spray Foam Insulation Riverside County

    The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation For Your Home

    spray foam insulation riverside los angeles orange countyDoes it often feel too cold or too hot in your home? During the colder months you may find yourself putting the heat on blast because it feels too cold for you to handle. When summer rolls around, you may end up leaving your air conditioning system on all the time. If this sounds like something you are always dealing with, there is a chance that your home is not properly insulated. Learn more here.

    If your home does not have much or any insulation, it is easy for the air from outside to get right inside of the property. Anytime that it is cold outside, it will feel even colder in your home because of the lack of insulation. If you want to feel comfortable in your home without dealing with extremely expensive energy bills, you may want to consider having your home insulated with spray foam insulation.

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    There are a number of benefits associated with spray foam insulation. For starters, it can help you save a whole lot of money. During the colder months, your bills may be higher than you would like because of the heat. What if you could drastically reduce the cost of some of those bills? Imagine reducing them by a total of 50%.

    All of the money that you would save could get put towards other things that you may need or want. It never hurts to save money, especially if you feel like all of your hard earned cash goes to the bills each month. Along with drastic savings, the spray foam insulation will help you keep your home at a more comfortable temperature.

    The spray foam can even keep unwanted pests from living inside of your home. If you have ever had a problem with pests in the past, this may be good news to hear. Being able to avoid pests, save money and keep the home feeling comfortable instead of excessively cold or hot are all good reasons to have your home insulated with spray foam by the professionals at All Seasons Insulation.

    You may worry that the inside of your home will be destroyed during the process, but that is not the case. The professionals have a set process that they follow. They may need to remove certain sections of the drywall to get to the inside of the walls and then add the spray foam. However, once they spray the foam insulation between the walls and give it some time to dry, the professionals can replace the drywall and make adjustments so that everything looks as good as new.

    The process of having spray foam insulation installed does not take long. In fact, the professionals may be able to complete the job for you in just one day. Once the task is completed, you can begin to reap all of the numerous benefits that come along with this energy-efficient option. As you start saving and continue to feel comfortable in your home, you will realize that you have made a great choice as a homeowner. We are more than happy to discuss the project with you! We proudly serve San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange County.