Over-the-Counter-Drugs — Are They Safe for Children?

Children have a right to appropriate healthcare, and it’s the role of both guardians and parents to ensure that their children have access to quality medicinal drugs. Many parents and guardians have key concerns when it comes to the type of drugs their children have access to. Once you visit payspi, you will find that it’s not uncommon that many parents have doubts when it comes to the administration of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

Are OTC Drugs Safe for Children?

So here’s the question is: is it safe to offer your child OTC drugs? In order to properly determine the suitability and safety of OTC drugs to your child, you have to consider a number of considerations – one of which is the age of your child. Some over the counter drugs are meant to be administered to specific age groups and not others.

The second consideration is your doctor’s prescription. Despite over the counter drugs being readily available, it’s important to seek a pediatrician’s advice on choice of medicine.

Is OTC medication for cough and cold safe to give your child who is under 2 years of age OTC?

No, it isn’t. Children under the age of 2 years shouldn’t be administered with over the counter drugs. If you have a sick child, it’s recommended that you take your child to see a pediatrician as some of the ailments your child may suffer might be serious than earlier assumed. OTC drugs should be administered to children above the age of 5; however, this should also be conducted in accordance with your pediatrician’s prescription.

How to Treat Your Child’s Coughing Problem

Cough suppressants should only be used by older children with a mild and productive cough. A productive cough in children is characterized by phlegm or mucus, and parents should administer cough suppressants once they notice such symptoms. Please bear in mind that inappropriate use of cough suppressants may lead to suppression of mucus and prevention of it from being cleared from the lungs. If it stays like this in the lungs, the mucus can become infected, leading to further complications.

Is Baby Aspirin Safe?

No, it is not advisable that you use baby aspirin. You should only use it when prescribed by a doctor. Despite the name, this OTC drug is not meant to be used by young children frequently as the drug is linked to the development of Reye’s syndrome which is a rare but potentially fatal illness that commonly affects both the liver and the brain.

Whenever treating inflammation or fever among children, it’s recommended that you use Acetaminophen for children under six months; for older children, you can go with ibuprofen.

If you have a one year or older baby, then consider giving him honey to treat coughs and cold. A small amount of honey mixed with warm water should help. Also, if your child suffers from stomach ailments, then consider taking him or her to a pediatrician. In this case, don’t consider giving him OTC drugs.

In conclusion, the health of your child is your priority. Just because over the counter drugs are easily available, it does not warrant that you give it straight away to your child. In some cases, administering too many OTC drugs may lead to addiction, and that is when you need to know how to pass a drug test so you can figure out if your child’s condition isn’t worse yet.

Take time and visit a pediatrician who will advise you further on the choice of medicines.

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