Mom Posture

How To Correct A ‘Mom Posture’

A mom posture manifests itself with a hip tilted backward, rounded shoulders, and a head leaning forward. According to, If you see yourself having the same problem, you may need to fix your posture as early as possible before it’s too late.

How Does One Develop a Mom Posture?

It’s called “mom posture”, not because it only applies to moms, but because it is common to them. In fact, office workers, students, and couch potatoes can also develop this posture. Mothers have it because they carry their babies and heavy baby stuff, straining their bodies, making them hunch over time.

If you are doing the same thing as a mother and you neglect your posture, your back muscles will start to weaken, while your chest muscles will become short and tight, making you slouch. Slowly, without you knowing, your spine will begin to develop an abnormal curve.

Why Fix a Mom Posture?

Clearly, nobody wants to be a hunchback, however, fixing a bad posture isn’t only about outward appearance. A ‘mom posture’ comes with headaches, neck pain, and muscle soreness. So, correcting your posture can give you relief and boosts your energy. Moreover, a good posture can improve your blood circulation.

Modifying Your Lifestyle

Modifying your activities can help you reverse or even prevent a bad posture. Here are some modifications you can apply:

  • Avoid carrying heavy objects. If you have to, use a stroller to transfer heavy loads from one point to another.
  • If your baby or kid is too heavy for you, avoid carrying him/her as much as possible. Instead, let him/her on your lap or let them walk (if able) when you are moving.
  • When feeding your baby, bring him/her close to your breast instead of bending your trunk towards him/her. You can also use pillows as support.
  • When picking objects from the floor, bend your knees instead of bending your body. You can do this also when you load your child in or out of your car seat.
  • Stretch after doing some strenuous activities. This will help realign your body.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises can help treat or prevent a bad posture. Here are two exercises you can do every day for at least 10 to 15 mins.

Pectoral Stretch

To do a pectoral stretch, follow the steps below:

Stand in front of a narrow doorway. Raise both your shoulders and elbows to 90 degrees with both palms against the door frame.

Move one foot forward until you feel a stretch on your chest and shoulders.

Keep your upper body straight and hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

Repeat the stretch two more times.

Couch Stretch

To perform a couch stretch, follow these steps:

Lie on a mat while placing both your legs at a right angle against a sofa. Make sure that your butt and legs are against the front portion of the sofa.

Bring your arms overhead until it touches the floor with your palms facing the ceiling.

Keep this position for at least 5 minutes.

If you want to keep a good posture until you get old, make time to do these stretches as much as possible. Note that posture is still part of your health. So, having a ‘mom posture’ means that you’re neglecting your health, especially when you can do something about it.

Christianity on Parenting in South Korea

The Effect of Christianity on Parenting in South Korea

Christianity in South Korea by Shincheonji brings about an impact on its citizen’s life—especially in parenting. It has been discovered that Christianity plays a central role in parenting for a lot of immigrant women working in South Korea. This doesn’t merely mean that they used what they believe in; rather, Christianity becomes the basic element that presides over parenting choices. By adopting the culture of Christianity to parenting, dramatic changes reigned over Korean cultures.

Christianity on Parenting: Conflicting Cultural and Religious Beliefs

Though Christianity brings about changes in parenting, its significance among these inhabitants lies in the opposition between religious values and cultural values. The main concerns include incongruent cultural and religious beliefs, conflicting values, and how the differences are handled. It is the same for Korean parenting. Traditional Korean motherhood lies deeply in Confucianism—which defines women as mothers after marriage and requires them to give absolute dedication to their children. In this cultural approach, Korean mother’s devotion to the educational excellence and success of their children is second to none.

Christianity, on the other hand, states that a person’s identity is based on their relationship with God. In this context, how mothers care and do for their children doesn’t seem to be related to the framework of a family. Korean immigrant mothers treat themselves as the children’s custodians whom God has entrusted them to take care of.

How Christian Korean Mothers View Parenting

Some themes emerged from studying Korean mother’s parenting methods to their children, which includes:

  • Entrusting their children to Korean churches
  • Viewing God as the one in charge of their children
  • Submitting to God’s will for the welfare of their children
  • Making children’s Christian identity as the top priority

These four themes that emerge from the basic values and beliefs imbued in the hearts and minds of Christian Korean immigrant mothers, are, as a matter of fact, directly come from Christian religious practice.

The first theme, “Entrusting their children to Korean churches”, shows the mother’s wish to provide a safe environment for their children. They deeply believe that only God and the churches could give safe environments. Concerning this, they urge their children to take an active part in church activities rather than be corrupted by youth culture.

The second theme, “Viewing God as the one in charge of their children”, shows that Christian Korean mothers deeply believe that God is responsible for directing the lives of their children. They are only there as a guide and entrust everything as long as it’s on God’s will.

The third theme, “Submitting to God’s will for the welfare of their children”, conveys that Christian Korean mothers struggled to give the best for their children in the present, rather than focusing their wants for their children in the future. They dedicate their lives to discovering and nurturing the God-given talents of their children rather than asserting their wants and desires for them. Because success and educational attainment is deeply appreciated in Korean culture, the attempts of these mothers will be a major challenge.

The last theme, “Making children’s Christian identity as the top priority”, reflects the Christian Korean mother’s guidance to nurture the faith of their children until adolescence. Though they still appreciate success, education, and occupation, their deepest wish is to see their children walk in the path of God daily.

Final Thoughts

Christianity to parenting in Korean mother’s view is not only restricted on the regular basis of their children for the future. Rather, Christianity becomes the core, their guidelines for their motherhood. Considering this, Christianity plays a crucial role in the upbringing of children in the lives of Christian Korean mothers.

Child Car Safety

13+ Proven Child Car Safety Tips for Worry-Free Driving

Keeping children safe while driving is the utmost priority. However, it’s not enough to simply purchase and install kids car seats but you need to compare chicco keyfit 30 vs nuna pipa for a best selection. You must also know where the children should sit and how they should be positioned considering their age. Browse through the safety tips below for worry-free driving even with children onboard.

Car Safety Basics

When installing kids car seats

The child seat must be fit for the child’s size.

Make sure the child seat meets the quality standards of your country.

The child seat must be placed on the rear seats and not the front passenger seat.

Religiously follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly install the child seat.

Fit the child seat tightly so it doesn’t wobble when you drive.

Adjust the front seats so the child seat can be installed without any obstructions.


Never start driving unless the seatbelts are properly worn.

The child seat straps must be free from twists and do not rest on the child’s neck. When you notice the straps twisted or undone, pull over safely and redo the straps before continuing to drive.

When a booster seat is used, the straps must rest at the center of the shoulders so it’s far from the neck and is unlikely to slip off.

Do not put a child on your lap and use one seatbelt for both of you. First of all, one seatbelt should be worn by only one person. Second of all, in case of a sudden impact, the child’s weight will triple (due to the force associated with the speed of the vehicle), making it hard to hold the child in place when a collision happens.

Age-Appropriate Child Car Safety Tips

0-6 months

Children this young must never sit in the front row if the car has at least two rows of seats.

6 months-4 years

The rule above also applies. However, there’s only one row of seats, use an appropriate car seat to be installed in the front passenger seat. The seat should be front-facing because when the airbag is deployed upon impact, the force will push against the back of the seat which can cause fatal injuries.

4-7 years

These kids can sit in the front row but only if they have the appropriate seats and the seats on the back row/s are already occupied by other kids less than 7 years old. The child seat must be installed facing forward. Additionally, it must be adjusted and pulled back as far as possible to keep the child from being hit by the airbag when it deploys.

7 years or more

Kids at this age are allowed to sit in front using a regular seatbelt (if they’re big enough to fit) or a high-quality booster seat.

Additional Safety Tips

An adult must keep the child company at the back rows to make sure the child is always in place.

Loose items must be kept in the glove box so they don’t cause more injury when a crash happens.

Don’t leave a child unattended inside the car, even when not driving.

Keep in mind

Child seats and seatbelts can only go so far. They are supplementary protection gears that minimize injuries (when installed and used properly) in case of a collision. However, they don’t prevent accidents from happening. Therefore, the best child car safety tip is to consistently practice responsible driving. Drive safely!

Joys of Kids

What I Love About Being a Mother

I am currently a mother of two kids– a nine-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl. Both these children have given me unforgettable moments of joy. I have also experienced a lot of tensions and have spent hours worrying about the welfare of my kids and myself. I have successfully placed these negativities aside and only carry the pleasures, the awesome surprises and the magical moments that are a gift of motherhood. I wish to share, with everyone who is interested my stories of becoming a caring mother from a carefree- easy-going- twenty-

two-year-old young woman.

Loving naughtiness

A couple of years ago, when my kids were not as understanding as they are slowly becoming now, I used to have a tough time keeping them in control. They wanted the same things and often quarrelled. The younger one would snatch at the elder one’s picture books and before I could stop them, their favorite rhyme page was in pieces. The toy basket was always tumbled upside down, and both of them wanted to climb over it at the same time. I had my daily chores to complete, yet I had to help them climb over the basket. The laughter that followed was more precious than everything in the world.


Growing kids demand time. The modern age with its technical overgrowth is making my kids smarter than I expected. My responsibilities today are to help them develop their understanding of the world and its ways. Moving in pace with time they need to know all yet refrain from things that can contaminate their innocent minds. I want them to grow up with pleasant memories, and for this, I spend as much time as I can with them. I know that very soon they will grow independent and their innocent mischief will not be there in the days to come.

For now, I enjoy everything that my kids do. It is a time that I wish will not pass too soon!

Breastfeeding, Tales

Week 1 with My Baby: The First Problems I Encountered

There are so many things that make people happy. We are overjoyed with things that are special and expensive like a diamond ring or a holiday package. Sometimes, ordinary things also offer pleasure like a blooming flower in the garden or a flowing stream. But, the joy that a mother gets from the first look of her baby is above all these kinds of happiness. It cannot be compared to anything.

When I saw my son for the first time, I just could not believe my eyes. The doctors were still fidgeting with my body- stitching, injecting and what not, but my senses were all drawn towards the little screeching thing in the nurse’s hand.

I smiled and felt so good. Gradually sleep overtook me, and I was asleep.

The next significant moment I had with my baby was the painful enjoyment of breast feeding. It was so painful, and the tiny lips could hardly suck a drop. The nurses helped me for sure, yet it took a couple of days for my boy to learn sucking.

The trial did not end here. There was much more to learn. I was at my wit’s end when after a few days, I felt milk squirting out in full force and making me all wet. What was even more panicking was that my poor baby was almost choked. My nurse and my mom came to our rescue and taught me how to control the flow.

The next problem was my baby sleeping only after a few sucks and again beginning to cry in a few minutes. He was unable to suck enough.

Everyone, including my doctor, friends, and relatives, laughed at my small discomforts. Soon my baby was an expert, and I was trained how to do it right.

Pregnancy Testing, Tales

How I Knew I was Pregnant

I was married at the age of twenty-one. My husband is a tall, handsome person who has great affection for little children. Wherever we went, he was sure to find a kid and start playing. He used to laugh and did all sorts of tricks to make kids happy. At times, he got so involved with the kids that he used to completely forget my presence. I felt a bit jealous, but I admired him even more for this, and one day, I thought that I should have my own baby.

It was as if Providence was reading my mind. That very evening, I felt uneasy and nauseated. We went out for dinner, but the sight of my favorite food made me feel dizzy. I went twice to the washroom and returned home. I felt very sick. My husband was really worried, but I was feeling a bit happy. “What if I am pregnant?” I thought. I bought and used a pregnancy test strip and was overjoyed. The result was positive.

The next morning, we went to the doctor, and my pregnancy was confirmed. My husband was really glad, and my happiness was so great that I completely ignored my dizziness and my nausea.

The period of nine months was a period of mixed feelings. Most of the time, I felt really happy- the soft kicks of tiny feet, the imaginary face of my little angel, the preparations and shopping for my baby and above all, the loving care of my husband made me feel so precious. Sometimes, I was worried, tensed, irritant and moody. But there were lots of people who coaxed me out and everything was fine.