Augmentation and Breastfeeding

Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding: Common Questions Answered

Breasts are more than just organs in a woman’s body. According to the Organic Beauty Expert, A mother’s breast is most especially important because it gives exceptional nutrients to the baby. Moreover, breastfeeding develops a great bond between the mother and the baby.

Nursing isn’t as easy as it is. Most breastfeeding moms tend to seek professional consultation just to encourage their self-esteem and lift up their emotions. It has been proven that moms tend to feel bad about how they look right after giving birth.

21st-century Mommas (women in general), are more open to cosmetic surgeries and beauty implants. In this article, you will have the answers to the most common questions related to breast augmentation and breastfeeding.

“After breast augmentation, can I still breastfeed my baby?”

Worry not because yes, you still can! Breast augmentations ordinarily do not affect the ducts and other breast muscles in charge of producing milk.

These breast augmentations are those that include silicone paddings for enlargement or transferring fats for size decrement. However, for some breast augmentation patients who want their areolas to be done, the incisions and internal lacerations caused by the surgery may affect the milk supply.

This is because all of the mammary glands are located at the areola. If the areola is to be decreased or increased in size, the number of mammary glands will be affected, thus affecting the milk supply.

“Which would be a better choice, breast augmentation or using breast enhancement creams?”

Actually, the choice is yours. Both will equally have the same result though each process will slightly have different timeframes. Breast augmentations normally take 2-3 months to heal while breast enhancement cream usage takes 3 months of regular use to start and take effect.

As mentioned earlier, not all breast augmentations do not affect the milk supply. In that case, breast enhancement creams may be your savior. These creams are normally made out of vanilla essence, beeswax, aloe extract, etc. Using breast enhancement cream while breastfeeding can even help ease the pain and prevent your milk sacs to sag. Breast enhancement creams also help easy healing of nipple bites and wounds.

“Are breast enhancement creams effective?”

Yes, they are effective. However, it would still on the brand. There are a lot of breast enhancement creams that gained good customer feedback and testimonies. There are different types of breast enhancement creams available in the market. Upon looking for the right breast enhancement creams, look for those that are duly approved by doctors which are also applicable to breastfeeding women to ensure that the ingredients used aren’t toxic for the baby.

Both breast augmentation and breast enhancement creams usage are for cosmetic purposes only. Remember that the breast size in itself does not guarantee milk supply. Some women with large breasts could not even produce as much milk as women with smaller breasts.

Being a mother would never mean you should lose your old beautiful self. Being a mother should improve your personal outlook in life. Take pride in being a breastfeeding mom whether you’re using breast augmentation procedures and creams or not.