Can CBD Oil Be Used To Treat ADHD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the active component in cannabis. There is increasing popularity for CBD Oil and related brands like CBD Fable, because of research showing that it has beneficial in certain diseases.

There has been evidence concerning CBD oil showing that it can reduce ADHD symptoms, but so far there has not been sufficient medical evidence to support this.

All considering the use of CBD Oil must know the regulations about it in their district and not substitute standard treatments for ADHD with Cannabidiol without consulting a physician.

Here are facts that must be known about Cannabidiol and CBD Oil:

CBD oil is derived from Cannabis plants and has high levels of cannabidiol

CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a compound in cannabis that makes people high

CBD oil potentially has many positive benefits to health by interacting with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system in the body.

Is CBD Oil A Good Treatment For ADHD?

There is not enough scientific information available to prove that CBD can treat ADHD. The research available today focuses on ADHD and cannabis.

There have been reports claiming the efficacy of CBD oil in dealing with restlessness and hyperactivity symptoms of ADHD. A study conducted in 2017 on adults who self-medicated with cannabis revealed an insignificant reduction of symptoms and cerebral function improvement in hyperactivity and impulsivity. These results were not sufficient to conclude that cannabis was more effective than placebo.

The Relationship Between Symptoms In ADHD And CBD Oil

There must be further research conducted to determine the effect of CBD oil on symptoms in ADHD.

Although CBD oil is most likely not going to be the mainstay treatment for ADHD, it may reduce certain symptoms.

ADHD patients experience anxiety, which aggravates other symptoms. There have been some studies that prove the efficacy of CBD oil in reducing anxiety.

A study conducted in 2016 claimed that CBD potentially helps insomnia in children. More research needs to be conducted to investigate this effect.

Potential Unwanted Effects Of CBD

Some side effects of CBD include nausea, drowsiness, and headaches. People who have inhaled CBD have experienced irritation in the lungs and cough.

According to researchers, the potential side effects, in the long run, are unknown.

Is CBD Safe?

There have been cases where it has been recommended by doctors, but not usually in ADHD.

There are some concerns such as higher risks of impairment in the cognitive functions of children. These concerns do not have proper scientific basis yet.

ADHD patients have much higher risks of substance abuse, which may come to play in the variable sources of CBD, like marijuana. Research has shown that patients that are children are at 1.5 times higher risk for having marijuana substance abuse disorder.

How Can CBD Be Used?

CBD can be found in variable forms in some online stores and pharmacies.

Some companies make it in the form of snacks and treats, capsules, or inhaled forms.

Guidelines for dosages are not currently available, so it is best to utilize the least effective dose to manage symptoms.


CBD has different regulations concerning its legality and use. It is best to research the laws in place your specific area before purchasing it.


There is limited research on the effects of CBD on ADHD. CBD oil is not yet an option for ADHD treatment, and there must be further research to determine its effects.

People considering using CBD oil for ADHD management are advised to consult their physicians and to research on the laws and legality in place in their resident state or country.

Exercises to Enjoy with Your Kids at Home

Exercises to Enjoy with Your Kids at Home

Doing exercise at home is not impossible. Even with your kids present in the house, you can still do some workout routines to keep yourself fit. In fact, you can even involve your kids to make the workout session more challenging and enjoyable for you and your kids.

Here are some best treadmills exercises you can do that you and your kids will surely love:

Bear Crawls

Pretend to be bears racing one another with your “cubs” by putting your palms and feet flat on the ground and arching your back. The position alone is challenging in itself, and racing one another to a prize makes it both challenging and fun. You can even “rawr!” once you get to the prize to make the bear persona more realistic and fun.


Push-ups are a common exercise at home that you can do every day. Just put your palms on the floor, shoulder-width apart and plant your feet, making sure that your behind is not arching up, then push up and down. Your kid’s role here is pretty simple: just put them on your back while you do the push-ups.


Another common exercise at home is sit-ups. You would have to lie on your back with your legs bent up, your knees in the air, and your feet tucked under your kid. You can ask your kid to hold your feet down or just sit on them.

Star Jumps

Whenever you see kids, you can almost always see them jumping around, which is why the star jumps are a perfect exercise to do with them. Just stand and jump, making an X with your body while you are in the air. This kind of exercise is really good at burning fats and making the kids exhausted. Win-win!

Mountain Climbers

You don’t have to get out of the house and go to the mountains just to do some mountain climbing exercise; you can do it right in your house. Do mountain climbers workout by getting into a push-up position while your kids do the same on your side. Bring your knees to your elbows alternately. Do this as fast as you can, and make it more exciting by wearing some gear for climbing that can make your kid feel like it’s actually mountain climbing.


Lunges are basically stepping forward with one knee bending, almost touching the floor, and the other making a 90-degree angle. You can do this while carrying your child, making the exercise more challenging for you and absolutely fun for your kid.


Planks look easy, but they’re not. Get into a push-up position, but don’t go up and down. Just hold it there for as long as you can. Put your kid on your back to both involve them and make the exercise harder.

Jumping Jacks

Again with the jumping. Do jumping jacks by jumping while you put your hands together above your head and your feet are planted apart on the floor, then do it in reverse for the next jump. This classic exercise is surely something that your kids will also enjoy doing.


Doing these exercises with your kids is fun and all, but do not forget that the goal is to do them properly to achieve the benefits. Also, prioritize your child’s safety. If you think that the exercise is a bit dangerous for your kid, put some safety precautions or just don’t do it at all.

CBD Oil and Their Kids

What Parents Need to Know About CBD Oil and Their Kids

CBD oil has become popular among people because of its numerous possible benefits. However, because it is still new to the market, a lot of people still have their concerns about it, especially when it comes to children. So to help you understand more, these products are edibles infused with cannabidiol which you should know about giving CBD oil to your children.

CBD Oil is not marijuana.

A lot of people think that because it comes from the same plant marijuana does, it is already bad and illegal, but THC is different from CBD.

THC is the one you can find in marijuana, and it is what’s responsible for people getting high. It goes to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, which then makes people high. Do note that the amount of THC in any medicine equals to the high one can get from it.

CBD does not produce high because it does not get mixed in the brain’s cannabinoid receptors.

CBD oils are different from one another.

Selling CBD oil that contains THC is illegal in most places. However, online CBD oils may be more prone to having THC as these products are not checked by the government. The government is working very hard to make sure that all CBD oils sold are THC-free, but that does not mean that all CBD products you buy are actually THC-free as it’s quite impossible for the government to check all sellers.

Moreover, you should know that CBD products are not created equally. This means that others are of higher quality than some. Therefore, it is your responsibility to thoroughly check the CBD oil you buy. Check the product label. Read reviews from reliable people. If possible, buy from recommended sellers.

CBD oil may help with some kid’s disorders.

We are talking about anxiety, ADHD, depression, and such as CBD oil has components that may help calm a person. A number of researches have been done to test this, and some medical doctors acknowledge these benefits. However, it is still advisable that you consult a professional doctor before administering CBD oil to yourself and most especially to your kids. As stated above, CBD oils are made differently so your physician might prescribe you a different one from the one you’re already looking at. Moreover, your physician is more knowledgeable about the possible positive and negative effects of CBD oil on your kids depending on your child’s medical history.

Do it legally.

Despite CBD oil becoming popular in many places in the world, it is still not legal everywhere. Mostly, it is only legal in places where marijuana is. Therefore, just purchasing it online or over-the-counter may cause you some problems with the authorities.

Do research on where you want to buy your CBD oil. Make sure that it is legally allowed for you to do so. If you’re not sure, it might be best to buy one with a doctor’s prescription.

CBD oil can be expensive.

If you’re already convinced about giving your kids CBD oil, you have to know that it can be expensive, particularly if you plan to give it your kids regularly. Sometimes, regular administration of it can cost you around $500 monthly, and the worst part is most insurance companies do not cover it.


It may seem easy enough to give CBD oil to your kids, but do not overlook the possible effects of it. Effects may still vary depending on the person taking it. Thus, it is advisable that you always have a professional with you every step of the way.