Child Car Safety

13+ Proven Child Car Safety Tips for Worry-Free Driving

Keeping children safe while driving is the utmost priority. However, it’s not enough to simply purchase and install kids car seats but you need to compare chicco keyfit 30 vs nuna pipa for a best selection. You must also know where the children should sit and how they should be positioned considering their age. Browse through the safety tips below for worry-free driving even with children onboard.

Car Safety Basics

When installing kids car seats

The child seat must be fit for the child’s size.

Make sure the child seat meets the quality standards of your country.

The child seat must be placed on the rear seats and not the front passenger seat.

Religiously follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly install the child seat.

Fit the child seat tightly so it doesn’t wobble when you drive.

Adjust the front seats so the child seat can be installed without any obstructions.


Never start driving unless the seatbelts are properly worn.

The child seat straps must be free from twists and do not rest on the child’s neck. When you notice the straps twisted or undone, pull over safely and redo the straps before continuing to drive.

When a booster seat is used, the straps must rest at the center of the shoulders so it’s far from the neck and is unlikely to slip off.

Do not put a child on your lap and use one seatbelt for both of you. First of all, one seatbelt should be worn by only one person. Second of all, in case of a sudden impact, the child’s weight will triple (due to the force associated with the speed of the vehicle), making it hard to hold the child in place when a collision happens.

Age-Appropriate Child Car Safety Tips

0-6 months

Children this young must never sit in the front row if the car has at least two rows of seats.

6 months-4 years

The rule above also applies. However, there’s only one row of seats, use an appropriate car seat to be installed in the front passenger seat. The seat should be front-facing because when the airbag is deployed upon impact, the force will push against the back of the seat which can cause fatal injuries.

4-7 years

These kids can sit in the front row but only if they have the appropriate seats and the seats on the back row/s are already occupied by other kids less than 7 years old. The child seat must be installed facing forward. Additionally, it must be adjusted and pulled back as far as possible to keep the child from being hit by the airbag when it deploys.

7 years or more

Kids at this age are allowed to sit in front using a regular seatbelt (if they’re big enough to fit) or a high-quality booster seat.

Additional Safety Tips

An adult must keep the child company at the back rows to make sure the child is always in place.

Loose items must be kept in the glove box so they don’t cause more injury when a crash happens.

Don’t leave a child unattended inside the car, even when not driving.

Keep in mind

Child seats and seatbelts can only go so far. They are supplementary protection gears that minimize injuries (when installed and used properly) in case of a collision. However, they don’t prevent accidents from happening. Therefore, the best child car safety tip is to consistently practice responsible driving. Drive safely!

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