Motherhood is a blessing, but it comes with a price. You have to sacrifice your sleep, your comfort and many other things. However, there is no need to panic. They are not something you can’t overcome. And seeing your child grow healthy is the best reward there is. No flower blooms prettier, no bird sings sweeter, and no surprise amazes more than the first look, the first cry and the first feel of your baby.

I remember the time when I was expecting for the first time. Being very tech savvy and a conscious would- be- mother; I had collected all sorts of information related to pregnancy and childbirth and about caring for the new-born. I had so many books and magazines in which important portions were brightly highlighted. When I flip through those pages, I feel that they can be so useful to other mothers.

My pregnancy was quite normal except for a bit of morning sickness and some back aches in the later days. There were innumerable suggestions and instructions that I received every day from my friends and relatives. Some of these turned out to be very useful and helped me a lot while others were unnecessary. I wish to share all these with other would-be moms and hence thought of developing my own Mommy Blog Website.

This blog will also be used to share my collection of experiences with other mothers and expecting mothers. These stories will be from real-life experiences. Some of them may not be useful, but they will just be entertaining and will help hopefully help you draw some smile. I know you need it.

New Child Tales Online has blogs that will offer advice on pregnancy problems and ways to tackle them. There are interesting tales of other mothers that will draw smiles, too. You will also find suggestions that will help you purchase the best clothing, toys, beddings, cosmetics and other essentials for mothers and babies. There are some blogs that talk about common health problems in children and offer suggestions for medication along with tried and tested home remedies.