your gut health

Ideal choice of food – for your gut health!

It is often said that having the right diet will help you keep in good shape as well as maintain good gut health. In addition to this, exercise should also be part of your daily regime. Continued studies revolving around BioFit Probiotics reveal that the blend of these seven bacteria helps with certain mental health. If you add good bacteria in your stomach you can improve the state of your gut. Your gut has 100 trillion microorganisms while you have about 10 trillion cells in your body!

-Relieve inflammatory bowel disease

-Treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
-Protect against cancer development and progression
Major functions of probiotic food is to correct your irritable bowel conditions and the symptoms arising from this there after. Flatulence, vomiting , diarrhea, feverishness etc are associated with irritable bowel disease, these symptoms can be allayed with the help of probiotic food.

Probiotic Food 

They also have the power to fight against cancer development and curb them. Any kind of inflammatory bowel disease can be treated with the power of probiotic food. Probiotics also ferment dietary fiber, producing short-chained fatty acids, one of which, called butyric acid, having low levels has been associated with ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, active colitis and inflammatory bowel disease.
You must offer your body good bacteria that it pines for:

These beneficial bacteria are added through yoghurt, sprouted green gram, fermented cheese, phirni etc. Eating a cup of curds will add in a millions of good bacteria to your stomach.

Biogif Probiotics Benefits

Biogif Probiotics Benefits

Probiotics are bacteria or micro-organisms that are available in foods and different supplements like
The science behind them is that there is an ecosystem living inside your body that is responsible for many things including your immune system, bowel regularities and breaking down of food. Science and research have shown that by ingesting probiotics you are exposing yourself to many benefits including but not limited to:

-Decreased stool odor
-Regularity of movements
-Overall sense of wellbeing
-Preventing many types of diarrhea
-Strengthen Immune Systems
-New Research is showing even joint pain benefits

There are a great many probiotic benefits but what makes them special is that are live organisms that are available for consumption without a prescription. You can buy them online or at your local supermarket. There are over 500 different types of probiotic bacteria along with a matching amount of bad bacteria within your system. So what happens with the bad bacteria when you ingest helpful bacteria?

What Happens With Bad Bacteria After Ingesting Good Bacteria

Well the simple answer is: nothing! When you ingest the good helpful bacteria you are trying to create a balance between the bad bacteria and the good bacteria. The problem is once there is an imbalance caused by the introduction of a large amount of helpful bacteria the bad bacteria uses the nutrient from food you consumed as a food source to colonize. You are adding good bacteria to your system only to have the system tell the bad bacteria to colonize so it can compete with the new helpful bacteria. There is a probiotic product on the market that can stop this from occuring and of course we do sell it. We sell it because we know it works and we are users of the product.

So What Is It

BioGIF. If you didn’t figure this out already by looking at the authors name. So what makes this product so special? For all you analytical minds you can check out our website and see the FAQ section for medical trials and clinical studies. For you guys that need a solid testimonial or review from another living breathing person we also have reviews on the website that are 100% real and documented. BioGIF is special in that it shares all the positive probiotic benefits of standard bacteria supplements but it’s patented formula also stops the colonization of bad bacteria unlike standard probiotics. BioGIF is also made in America. You can be assured a quality All-Natural, Patented product that is made in the USA with every order of BioGIF. It comes in a 30 supply and is available from the links at the bottom of the page in the links section.

Baby Massages

Benefits of Baby Massages Every Parent Should Know

The power of touch has been harnessed since ancient times. The skin is the largest human organ, and it is said that sense of touch is the first to develop in the wound for a fetus during pregnancy. Therefore, the best way to communicate with the babies is through 해운대 마사지, particularly when they’re agitated for no apparent reason.

Relaxing massage for babies

Massage has been proven to relax infants, promote good sleep, and even enhance motor skills. Baby oil should be used to avoid too much friction on the skin, but be sure that your baby is not allergic by testing the oil on a small area of the baby’s skin for a day.

Put your baby in a safe position and start a gentle stroke from head to toe, but be observant of his reactions. If he becomes irritable or starts to cry, move your hand to another part of his body or finish the massage for the day. Don’t force body massages on a child as this will stress them out and will treat massage time as something to be afraid of.

Learn the behavior of your kid and plan massage time accordingly. This way, you and your kid will experience less stress.

Relieves constipation

Infants will just be developing their guts and their microbiome is still in the process of becoming balanced. Gases will cause discomfort, but you can help your baby release the gas by lifting and bending the legs forward towards his tummy to put pressure (this will work even for adults).

When gas is released, let go of his legs and start rubbing the tummy in a circular stroke to relieve the pain as it helps to ease digestion.

Bonding through massage

The benefits of massaging babies don’t stop in relieving constipation, colic, gas, and cramps. It’s also the best way to connect with your baby. Trust develops through interaction, and the best way to interact and communicate with babies is by touch. The tender touch will make your baby feel safer and loved.

Keep talking while massaging. Do the “baby talk” which, according to researchers, has a soothing effect and can boost your baby’s language skills. It also promotes familiarity so that your baby will become more connected to you.

The takeaway

There are plenty of health benefits of massages for babies.  However, not all parents are naturally good at it, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t do well the first time.

You may have to practice and learn your baby’s reactions. As you progress as a masseur, so does your bond with your baby.

Although massage is a good therapy, it is not a medical substitute in any way. So if your baby is in a lot of pain or when in doubt, do not take chances.  It is always highly advisable to consult a pediatrician. Don’t risk the lives of your children based on chance. Go visit a professional immediately if you notice any signs of pain from the child.

Healthy Weight Loss

Love Yourself Through Healthy Weight Loss

Love Yourself Through Healthy Weight Loss

If you have a plan to lose your weight in a safe way, then best weight loss pills for women might be the best for you because I am going to discuss specifically, a healthy weight loss that will surely help you in losing your weight effectively and in a safe way. We cannot deny the fact that there are many ways on how to lose your weight that is rapidly increasing and is coming out into the market today because also of the fact that there are many people today who is aggressively wanted to lose their weight.

If you really wanted to lose your weight, you must be careful in choosing the right one for you like attending a weight loss camp, weight loss retreat, weight loss vacation, weight loss resort or even enrolling yourself to a weight loss spa because in this way, you can really achieve your goal of losing your weight in a healthy way and unlike any other ways where you can get some side effects on it and in the end you will suffer the consequences of selecting it as part of your diet plan. You don’t have to punish yourself when you are having your diet plan because that is no longer normal. In doing so, you will acquire any possible sickness like having an ulcer because of the fact that you are not eating the right amount of foods required.

All of the decisions will just depend on you, it is true that there are various ways in reducing your weight, but choosing to live a healthy life is your choice. If you want a healthy weight loss as part of your diet plan, then you are wise enough in taking good care of yourself because you choose to live a healthy life-style. You just have to control the foods that you are going to intake everyday and not limiting on it. Seeing yourself being healthy after your diet process is such a big reward that cannot be paid by anyone because of the fact that you have chosen a healthy ways in losing your weight.

Stop Smoking

How to Stop Smoking and Promote Fracture Healing

Do you want to speed up fracture healing time?  Well, recent research suggests the fracture healing is delayed by best vape juice.  In one recent research study it showed that fracture healing can be up to 6 weeks delayed in smokers compared to non-smokers. For athletes, this is a significant amount of time to be off when trying to get back to their daily activity. Stop smoking and speed up your fracture healing time with these steps:

1.     Make a Plan to Stop Smoking: A plan is critical so that you have a goal and a way to achieve it.  Make a committment to yourself to stop smoking.  Fracture healing can easily be sped up by stopping smoking.

2.     Get Help: Talk to a physician about quitting smoking and your concerns about fracture healing.  He/she would be more than willing to help.

3.     Stay Active: Activity will help keep your mind off smoking as well as speed up your fracture healing.

4.     Eat Healthy: Eating healthy has been shown to promote fracture healing as well as contribute to your overall general mental health which can help stop those smoking cravings.

5.     Drink Water, A Lot: Drinking water has so many benefits.  It can suppress appetite and help you lose weight as well as its a big component of your blood. Blood flow helps fracture healing.

6.     Just Do It: As Nike’;s slogan use to say, just do it.  Just stop smoking – smoking is very hazardous to your health and can hurt your fracture healing progress.  Stop smoking today and see results tomorrow with fracture healing time.

Be consistent and make a plan to stop smoking.  There are lots of resources available to help you quit smoking with a doctor being a great resource.  But, none of that is going to work unless you are committed to the cause.  Just remember how important your daily life is and how much the fracture hinders you.  So, stop smoking today!

There are all kinds of resources to help you quit smoking.  Nicotine patches, self-help books, drugs, etc.  But, you have to be committed.  Write out a plan on paper to what steps you are going to take to stop smoking.  If your goal is to help your fracture heal quickly than make that your number 1 priority and circle it.  Now, write the steps your going to take in order to achieve that goal underneath it.

Never give up.  There are millions of people that have sustained a fracture and healed it.  You can be one of them.  But, look at smoking as a huge barrier to that healing and take steps to quit.  If your fracture does not heal properly than it can seriously hinder your daily life and activities for the remainder of your life.  Quitting smoking has more benefits than just promoting fracture healing.  There are many benefits to quitting smoking.  But, to most athletes their sport is their number 1 priority and without being able to exercise because of their fracture their lives are semi-depressed.  Getting back and healing the fracture is the most important thing to them.  Realize you can quit smoking and be consistent…you can do it.  Stop smoking today and see huge results in your fracture healing.



Recently, weight problems in kids have been a concern worldwide. This has led to the rise of weight-related diseases in children which can be avoided with the help of Okinawa tonic manual review. Most of these diseases are usually rampant in adults but are now affecting the kids too. Kids with conditions such as obesity are often faced with bullying by fellow kids, insecurities, depression, and body shaming

Parents should be cautious and sensitive when it comes to developing a nutrition and weight loss plan for their children. Options such as Okinawa flat belly tonic, a supplement that is widely used for weight loss is recommended since it is organic and made from natural ingredients

Here are the 10 ways to consider for weight loss

  1. Fruits and Veggies

Parents are advised to increase fruits and vegetables in their children’s diet. Whole fruits are the best compared to fruit juices since they contain high fiber that helps in kid’s digestion. Also, Okinawa tonic flat belly supplement can help in digestion but under the prescription of a specialist.

  1. Drink More Water

When children are thirsty, they should drink lots of water and avoid soft drinks and cold drinks like juices since they may cause weight gain.

  1. Calorie Count

Calories are essential in a kid’s diet since they help them grow and give energy. Elimination of these calories may hinder the proper growth and development of the child. The calorie level should be balanced and varies based on; Gender, activity, BMI, and Age.

4.Good Sleep

Good and early sleep is important for growth and metabolic reactions. 9 to 11 hours is recommended for kids and 8 to 10 hours for teenagers.

  1. Minimise Salt and Sugar

Parents should control the intake of sugar and salt by their kids. Foods such as Chocolates, yogurt, etc. Low-sugar foods such as sandwiches, fruit salads, etc. are recommended. Salt should be avoided since it contains sodium that causes bloating.

  1. More Protein

Protein is recommended by experts since it stimulates a hormone responsible for growth and helps to the breakdown of excess fats into energy. One should serve plant proteins such as dals and legumes such as horse gram, eggs, and lean meat. Choose low-fat food like natural yogurt, non-processed cheese, etc.

  1. Daily Exercises/Sports

Daily fitness and sports are highly recommended for a minimum of at least 60 minutes. These activities should be entertaining. Parents should organize dance sessions and cycling competitions that will involve their child’s or children’s, peers

  1. Understand Fat Facts

Fats are required by the body, however, not all fats are harmful. Healthy fats such as unsaturated oils, almonds, and flax are advised since they help in the creation of cell membranes. Okinawa tonic flat belly supplement may help to cut excess fat contents and aid indigestion.

  1. Low-Glycaemic Diet

Foods with low glycaemic like; apples, nuts, berries, banana, carrots, pasta, cereals, broccoli, honey, fruits, milk are highly recommended. Parents should avoid foods with high glycaemic such as potatoes, popcorn, bread, French fries, etc.

  1. Meal Plans

One should have a considerable meal plan and avoid long gaps between meals.

In a recap

General health and fitness in kids should be taken seriously and with a lot of care. I agree that parents play an integral part in ensuring that their kids are healthy and strong. Consult a specialist for further instructions. Breed a healthy generation.

Losing Baby Weight

8 Tips For Losing Baby Weight That Deliver Real Results

Are you looking for the best way to lose your baby weight apart from taking losing weight & fat burning supplements? If the answer is yes, then Find the best review at and follow the tips listed below:

  • Set realistic goals.

The first thing you need to do when you want to actually lose weight after pregnancy is to set realistic and attainable goals. Having a set goal that you are certainly going to achieve allows you to feel motivated to reach it one step at a time.

  • Don’t commit to a full-on crash diet.

Crash diets typically involve super low-calorie diets. The end goal is to have you lose a substantial amount of weight within a short period. However, after giving birth to your baby, your body needs all the essential nutrients to help it recover. Moreover, if you are breastfeeding your baby, your body will require extra calories than usual.

  • Leverage breastfeeding.

Trustworthy organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization highly recommend that mothers breastfeed their young. Not only is breastfeeding best for your baby, but it is also proven to aid postpartum weight-loss.

However, do keep in mind that breastfeeding does not deliver weight-loss results right away so try to be patient.

  • Have a stash of healthy snacks.

When you are at home and taking care of your baby, you can often feel peckish, especially breastfeeding. To prevent yourself from gaining more weight, you must keep healthy snacks around. Doing so allows you to stick to healthy and nutritious food, which can also aid in your weight loss journey.

  • Eat fiber-rich foods.

Fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and whole grains can offer a number of noteworthy benefits to your health. In addition to that, fiber-packed foods are proven to aid in weight loss.

Foods rich in soluble fibers can help you feel full for longer by reducing your hunger hormones and slowing down digestion.

  • Fuel up with hearty proteins.

Consuming healthy proteins can offer a number of benefits that can help you lose weight, such as improved metabolism, decreased appetite, as well as a reduced calorie intake. Protein-packed foods include eggs, lean meat, seeds and nuts, fish, legumes, and dairy.

  • Avoid refined carbs and added sugar.

Although they can be very tempting, refined carbs and added sugar are typically not nutritious and contain high amounts of calories. A high intake of refined carbs and added sugar is proven to aid in weight gain and is also associated with several ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, and cancer.

  • Get your body moving.

Exercise is still one of the best solutions for weight loss, regardless of whether you just gave birth or not. Thus, take advantage of any opportunity to get your body moving.


Losing weight after pregnancy can be extremely challenging. However, by following the tips mentioned above and taking one step at a time, you will be able to achieve your desired weight and figure in no time.



Burning fat and staying fit healthy for women is hard, but losing baby fat after pregnancy is much more challenging without the help of best fat burners for women’s weight loss. A study says that exercising regularly after pregnancy is very beneficial to the mother’s health and reduces the risk of getting postpartum depression. This is why most moms usually try their best to exercise after giving birth.

However, every pregnancy is different. A mother cannot just go back to her workout or exercise routine after giving birth. A mom who wants to lose her baby fat must consult with her doctor to avoid bleeding, excessive soreness, or worse, fatigue.

After your doctor gave you the go signal for exercising regularly, you can now search the Internet for “Ab workouts” or “Burning fat for women workouts.” Here are five exercises similar to those workouts.


The most common mistake mothers commit after giving birth is staying idle. Walking may not sound like a workout, but doing so will benefit you and your body. It helps avoid stress, lighten your moods and also exercise your leg muscles.

You can start by taking small strolls and eventually walk miles. The best thing about this is that you can also bring your baby with you wherever you go. Walking brings miracles not just for you but also for your baby. So, if you have the time, do a walk.


It is no secret that motherhood is hard and that one needs a break occasionally. Did you know that by doing deep breaths, you are already helping yourself mentally and emotionally? Aside from the exercise being very beneficial to your body, it can also help relax your mind and organize your thoughts.

You can do this exercise quickly. By sitting upright and breathing deeply, you are already in the process of relaxing. You can also close your eyes when taking deep breaths. Remember to empty your mind and just breathe.


Doing curl-ups and sit-ups helps strengthen your back muscles. It also helps tone your abs and burn calories. At first, doing these exercises is hard, but you can do these effortlessly once you get the hang of it.

First, to do curl-ups, you have to lie down with your back flat on the floor. Afterward, you can either place your hands in front of your chest or behind your head. Fold your knees so that your toes are near your buttocks. Then slowly lift your torso as you reach toward your knees. After lifting yourself, lay back slowly. Be sure to do this exercise while breathing comfortably.

Doing sit-ups is quite the same as doing curl-ups. However, when doing sit-ups, you have to place both your hands behind your head. Sit-ups also require a lot more energy than curl-ups. Always remember that as you lift and slowly lay back, you have to breathe regularly. These exercises require a lot of energy so it’s best if you breathe regularly while doing so.


Yoga poses are commonly known as one of the best ways to target your belly fat. Doing this yoga pose helps strengthen your abs and relieve your back pains. It is also a convenient exercise since it does not require too much space.

First, lay your back flat on the ground. Your arms and toes, especially your palms, should touch the floor. Make sure that your back is straight and relaxed. Slowly pull your buttocks up as you inhale. Then slowly put them back down. Hold your buttocks up for three counts, then hold them down, also, for three counts. Breathe comfortably as you do this exercise.


Doing Kegels will help you tone your bladder muscles. This will also help you control your leaks induced by laughing, sneezing, and picking up your child. Kegels contract the muscles that hold the urine. By doing so, you gain more control over your bladder.

You can do this exercise by controlling your urine flow in the restroom, or you can either do kegel poses. First, lay flat on the ground, with your chest flat on the ground. Slowly put your hands and knees as you stand (like a dog) to assist you as you do Kegels. After doing so, you can now breathe in or out heavily. You can also control how your belly moves.

Motherhood will never be easy. It is a process full of hard work, tears, and sweat. As you devote most of your time to your baby, you tend to forget to take care of yourself. As motherhood is a busy chapter for you and your baby, you also have to think about your health. You can only enjoy being a mother when you are physically and emotionally involved. So, be sure to take care of yourself as you take good care of your baby.

Dental Care for Pregnant Mother

Dental Care for Pregnant Mother and Baby

Dental care is very important to anyone as per every Independent Report. The teeth are one of the multi-functional parts of the body, wherein it serves a purpose for our nutrition and on the aesthetics of our faces. For a pregnant mother and a growing baby, teeth & gum health may need a special care since these stages in life are some of the most sensitive.

Dental Care during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is recommendable to visit the dentist and avail for treatment. For clarifications, you can ask your dentist what kind of treatment you’ll be getting and tell him/her that you are pregnant. The dentist knows what procedures are allowed to be done if the patient is pregnant.

If you experience damage on your teeth, do not believe that the cause is pregnancy. There are no scientific evidences that pregnancy is link to your body’s lack of calcium or any loosening of your gums’ retention capability.

Dental Care for Baby

  • About Teething

Now that you have a child, one of the stages to look out is his/her teething. Usually, babies begin to grow a tooth around 6 months old. Since it is a solid growth, most babies can experience pain and possibly even fall ill.

In order to reduce the pain that your baby will feel, there are teething gels that you can apply. The common component of this gel is analgesic or also known as ‘painkiller’. It is mild though and you can simply apply it using your fingers and massage it gently on the baby’s gums.

If teething gel doesn’t do the job, then maybe teething rings can. If nothing seems to be working as intended, a dental check-up is urgently needed. From there on, you can ask the dentist how frequent will you be visiting for your baby’s teeth check-up.

  • About Feeding

Aside from the teething pains, another pain will be felt by you during breastfeeding. It is a very uncomfortable feeling when a tooth is uncontrollably nibbling the nipple but if it is tolerable, then it will be okay. The baby needs the best nutrition and the greatest source of that is breast milk.

If your baby is now being bottle-fed, make sure to sterilize the bottle properly. Breast milk alternatives have sugary contents that can leave residue on the opening and might affect the baby’s teeth during feeding.

In order to reduce the sugar content, milk and water must be the only components of the bottle with the ratio more on water and less on milk. It is proven that sugar residues can lead to tooth decay.

If the baby has tooth problems, bottle-feeding might cause a problem. There are special feeding cups that can substitute the bottle for a meantime until the tooth problem is taken care of. In terms of solid foods, now that there are teeth growing in your baby’s gums, you can feed him/her with easily chewable foods but avoid those with sugary content.

  • Cleaning Baby s Teeth

You will be the one administering the cleaning of your baby’s teeth. As soon as a tooth has come out, you can start cleaning it. You must use a clean cloth as the cleaner with a small amount of toothpaste applied.

If there are more teeth appearing and cleaning them using a cloth seems impractical, use a baby toothbrush. As the baby grows older, the amount of toothpaste applied will also increase. You can continue cleaning until your child is old enough to grasp the toothbrush on their own and do the cleaning.

In terms of using pacifier, just like the tip of the bottle feeder, it must be devoid of any sugary content. Regular cleaning must be applied and when the baby has more teeth, gradually distance your baby from the habit of sucking pacifiers.

If you spot any concerning discoloration on the baby’s tooth, visit the dentist right away. That can be an early sign of tooth decay or a gum problem. If there is a tooth loosening and you are skilled enough to pull it, you may do so when it is loose enough to be pulled by your normal strength. If not, then the dentist is the only option.


If you are pregnant, you are more likely to be concerned about caring for your teeth. Avoid procedures that can affect your pregnancy. Always seek profession help when it comes to the baby’s Teeth & Gum Health.



The Children’s Oral Health Survey in 2019 conducted by the discovered that nearly 1 in two parents in the USA is greatly challenged in getting their children to practice proper mouth care. It is much easier to get children to perform basic household chores rather than flossing and brushing their teeth.

The survey revealed that 2 of the most challenging tasks as a parent is to get their kids to brush their teeth that accounted for 46% and flossing their teeth accounted for 47% out of 1,481 samples of parents with children ages twelve and under.

Kids under 3 years of age are the most daunting group to manage while kids aged 6-9 years old are also difficult to persuade to properly brush their teeth.

The study suggested that getting kids to make their beds accounted for 29% is very easy in comparison to maintaining proper mouth care. Children are more cooperative in performing household chores rather than practicing proper oral hygiene.

Delta Dental Plans Association Vice President of Dental Science and Network Strategy, Dr. Joe Dill revealed that during summertime, most children neglect proper oral care due to the daily routine that takes place in a leisurely momentum. Parents are encouraged to make oral hygiene a part of their kid’s daily routine activities and encourage to perform it as a fun activity.

During summer, most children are served with unhealthy sugary finger foods and beverages that support tooth decay.

Dr. Dill highly recommends healthy summer munchies such as carrots, celery, and apples. These healthy snacks help keep healthy oral hygiene by scrubbing their teeth between mealtimes. Sugar-free gumdrops with xylitol substance can also assist in cleaning the kids’ teeth when dental supplies like toothbrushes and dental flosses are not available.

Dental Screenings in the new school year

At the beginning of the new school term, dental screenings school requirements promote the vital role of maintaining the children’s oral health hygiene by submitting dental screening certificates.

This is one way of preventing oral hygiene diseases such as tooth decay which can hinder their academic and extracurricular activities such as sports.

Dr. Dill also recommends regular dental appointments every 6 months to determine any oral hygiene issues and immediately recommend proper dental treatment.

The dentist can recommend easy cleaning techniques for kids to follow. Parents are also encouraged to procure vital dental supplies and products that protect the teeth from developing dental caries.


Most children are anxious about dental visits. Encourage your kids to verbalize their fears or anxieties about oral health and hygiene.

Schedule your dental appointment first then have your kids tag along to let them watch the procedure.

This gives them an idea of what transpires during the visit and allows them to carefully observe your behavior during the procedure.

Inform them about the fun activity of dental visits such as exploring the new dental chair, playing with toys, reading books while waiting, and getting a new set of toothbrushes and goodies from the family dentist.

Parents can also buy educational dental toys for kids and demonstrate the use of each item to let them familiarize the different dental tools to ease their anxiety during dental appointments.


Parents and guardians must prepare and organize healthy munchies, basic emergency supplies, personal needs, and basic travel-size toiletries including dental supplies such as floss and mouthwash with fluoride to keep their breath fresh.

A checklist of essential items is highly recommended to ensure everything is available for use.

Remind your kids to keep brushing and flossing their teeth every day to prevent tooth decay.


Maintaining proper oral hygiene is just one aspect of caring for your kid’s precious health. Promoting healthy oral hygiene is not only keeping your child healthy and happy but is also a great way of showing that you as the parent are directly involved in your child’s life.

Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Moms

Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Moms

It’s hard to stay on track towards your balanced meal schedule with a baby or your little ones to care for. According to GeeksHealth Meticore review, you should consider having diapers regularly checked, keeping your baby or kids happy and comfortable, countless piles of laundry, to name a few. Consequently, it’s quick to eating healthy habits, and workout sessions for weight loss to be less prioritized.

A healthy diet and exercise don’t have to be a challenging or daunting activity in any way. We will then show the top weight loss tips while you’re on the go with your busy lifestyle.

Win the Race Slow and Steady

The American Academy of Family Business Physicians (AAFP) aims to uphold a high degree of equality for family physicians. They claimed that people opt for crash diets for quick weight loss, yet they only end up regaining more weight. Another expert also stated that it would be only led to an eating disorder.

Get Organized

For a week or a month, plan for the family menu. Doing so will help you save more, and it keeps you from constantly thinking about what to serve for dinner as well. Prepare a simple meal, a delicious, balanced healthy diet that is not complicated or time-consuming to prepare.

Choose Intensity Over Duration

Better outcomes you get from exercising don’t come from merely the duration of your workout but your gym sessions’ intensity.

In the gym, fitness moms don’t wind up there for hours. Instead, they work out hard and get the most out of every minute they set for gym time.

Eat Healthy Snacks Regularly

Always bring some healthy snacks regularly with you. Forgetting snack time will only leave you starving, usually leading to gluttonous eating. It also gives you excess unnecessary calorie consumption.

Don’t Hesitate to Lift those Heavy Weights

Women don’t have the hormones to build a “bulk” figure. Weight lifting, in fact, keeps your body toned.

Start Small

When you don’t embrace how habits are organized and how to use the structure to your benefit, implementing new habits is challenging. Often when you try to do too much too early, you set yourself for failure.

Do Your Workout Early

Establish early workouts if you wish to start a routine. With concentration, dedication, and motivation, earlier physical activity gives your day a boost. Also, you’re more inclined to eat healthy when working out, plus it makes you active during the day. Despite all these advantages, there is no “wrong” time to work out.

Break Your Workout Sessions

Indeed, a minimum of a half-hour exercise seems to be difficult to insert into your to-do list.

But you can still also enjoy the benefits of losing calories, toning of muscles, improving stamina, and lessening tension by dividing your workout sessions into a few 10-15 minutes per session spaced throughout the day. Well, five minutes of HIIT workout is better than nothing.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just an exercise novice, raising kids seems like an ideal reason to slack workout sessions. You’re battling fatigue from endless laundry, having to sleep with one eye open, and so on. Exercising helps you to feel yourself again.

Motherhood and Cannabis

Motherhood and Cannabis: 3 Women Break the Stigma

Initially cannabis in Canada was only legalized for medicinal purposes. recommends, things have changed, and cannabis is now accepted for recreational purposes as well. However, the stigma associated to cannabis and motherhood is still observed in the country.

Liberalism lead to the glorification of ‘wine moms’ all over the media, flaunting and empowering women who enjoy their shots of booze after a long and exhausting day. Often, these mothers are put on a pedestal of shame where they are required to explain the need to smoke a joint despite being mothers.

To counter and finally put an end to the stigma, we spoke with three successful and empowered moms, businesswomen and proud users of cannabis speak up their thoughts on the topic.

Let’s get to know:

  • Jessica Gonzalez. Owner of Mommy Jane, wellness coach and cannabis user.
  • Erin Willis. Owner of Mother Indica, holistic nutritionist, and educator for CBD use through Onda Wellness
  • Natasha Best. Owner of Stoned at Home Mom and a Cannabis advocate.

Breaking the Stigma

“Why do you think the public still ostracizes mothers who partake in cannabis consumption despite wider global acceptance of it? What would you like to say to these people?”

The three women agree that misogyny and unrealistic expectations are the reasons why mothers are ostracized for cannabis consumption.

Both Gonzalez mentioned being judged for anything and everything they do right from the start of pregnancy. However, like they said, the reason for usage should not be judged immediately.

For Gonzalez, it helped her construct a better lifestyle from being alcohol dependent to a capable mother. Cannabis has helped Best with the alleviation of stress, pain and depression.

Willis also mentioned the societal expectation of women to always do their best all the time.

Here are some points these women would like to convey to the public:

  • Mind your own business.
  • Do not be too quick to judge.
  • Give cannabis a chance, given it is no different from taking medications and alcohol consumption.

Naming Influential Voices in the Industry

“With the importance of women being represented in the industry, who are these people that have impacted you the most? What are the positive things you’re seeing for women in the industry?”

For Gonzalez, it was such a relief for her seeing women cannabis users like herself getting work done despite the stigma. It made her feel as though she was never alone in her journey.

The voices she looks up to the most are:

  • Jane West. First “CannaMom” she saw on television
  • Doreen Sullivan of My Bud Vase
  • Dana Cisneros Esq. of Cannabis Corporate Law

Best feels as though these influences are the ones paving the way for the normalization of cannamoms.

Her top influencers are:

  • Caitlin Fladager
  • @medicatedd.mamaa

Looking into the industry, Willis believes that a person’s background is important when they want to make their voice relevant in the society. According to her, legitimacy and representation are important since being a woman in the cannabis industry is a ‘tough game to play’.

Willis honors the following voices:

  • Bonnie Goldstein- Medical doctor and pediatrician.
  • Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey- Prolific Journalist and author of Art of Weed Butter.
  • Chelsea Leyland- British DJ, cannabis/epilepsy advocate with aggressive epilepsy herself, and co-producer of the unreleased documentary “Separating the Strains”

Futuristic Views on Cannabis and Motherhood

These women have high hopes on the broader acceptance of mothers using cannabis in the future. Motherhood should be a fulfilling experience in lieu of a stressful one, hence, mothers are now out and loud with trying new things and mind-easing activities.

Best believes that there is power in numbers in relation to the breaking of stigma. The more countries legalizing cannabis, and the more people speak up against the ostracization, the more cannabis will have global acceptance.

Eventually, there will come a time that cannabis in Canada and other countries of the world will finally be normalized.

Views on Cannabis and COVID-19

Cannabis consumption kept these women’s emotions at bay during the COVID-19 outbreak. For Best and Gonzalez, the impact wasn’t very immense since they took the time to bond with their families. On the other hand, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience for Willis who recently moved to care for a sick relative who eventually died.

However, these three women admit to struggling with loneliness and depression during the quarantine period. Willis defined cannabis as a way of ‘easing the storms’ by helping her body relax and recalibrate.

Gonzalez says it brings her back to where she’s supposed to be as a mother and human. On the other hand, Best says it keeps her sane from lack of adult interaction.

This is a clear reflection of the benefits that cannabis consumption encompasses especially for women who struggle during motherhood.

Mom Posture

How To Correct A ‘Mom Posture’

A mom posture manifests itself with a hip tilted backward, rounded shoulders, and a head leaning forward. According to, If you see yourself having the same problem, you may need to fix your posture as early as possible before it’s too late.

How Does One Develop a Mom Posture?

It’s called “mom posture”, not because it only applies to moms, but because it is common to them. In fact, office workers, students, and couch potatoes can also develop this posture. Mothers have it because they carry their babies and heavy baby stuff, straining their bodies, making them hunch over time.

If you are doing the same thing as a mother and you neglect your posture, your back muscles will start to weaken, while your chest muscles will become short and tight, making you slouch. Slowly, without you knowing, your spine will begin to develop an abnormal curve.

Why Fix a Mom Posture?

Clearly, nobody wants to be a hunchback, however, fixing a bad posture isn’t only about outward appearance. A ‘mom posture’ comes with headaches, neck pain, and muscle soreness. So, correcting your posture can give you relief and boosts your energy. Moreover, a good posture can improve your blood circulation.

Modifying Your Lifestyle

Modifying your activities can help you reverse or even prevent a bad posture. Here are some modifications you can apply:

  • Avoid carrying heavy objects. If you have to, use a stroller to transfer heavy loads from one point to another.
  • If your baby or kid is too heavy for you, avoid carrying him/her as much as possible. Instead, let him/her on your lap or let them walk (if able) when you are moving.
  • When feeding your baby, bring him/her close to your breast instead of bending your trunk towards him/her. You can also use pillows as support.
  • When picking objects from the floor, bend your knees instead of bending your body. You can do this also when you load your child in or out of your car seat.
  • Stretch after doing some strenuous activities. This will help realign your body.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises can help treat or prevent a bad posture. Here are two exercises you can do every day for at least 10 to 15 mins.

Pectoral Stretch

To do a pectoral stretch, follow the steps below:

Stand in front of a narrow doorway. Raise both your shoulders and elbows to 90 degrees with both palms against the door frame.

Move one foot forward until you feel a stretch on your chest and shoulders.

Keep your upper body straight and hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

Repeat the stretch two more times.

Couch Stretch

To perform a couch stretch, follow these steps:

Lie on a mat while placing both your legs at a right angle against a sofa. Make sure that your butt and legs are against the front portion of the sofa.

Bring your arms overhead until it touches the floor with your palms facing the ceiling.

Keep this position for at least 5 minutes.

If you want to keep a good posture until you get old, make time to do these stretches as much as possible. Note that posture is still part of your health. So, having a ‘mom posture’ means that you’re neglecting your health, especially when you can do something about it.

Christianity on Parenting in South Korea

The Effect of Christianity on Parenting in South Korea

Christianity in South Korea by Shincheonji brings about an impact on its citizen’s life—especially in parenting. It has been discovered that Christianity plays a central role in parenting for a lot of immigrant women working in South Korea. This doesn’t merely mean that they used what they believe in; rather, Christianity becomes the basic element that presides over parenting choices. By adopting the culture of Christianity to parenting, dramatic changes reigned over Korean cultures.

Christianity on Parenting: Conflicting Cultural and Religious Beliefs

Though Christianity brings about changes in parenting, its significance among these inhabitants lies in the opposition between religious values and cultural values. The main concerns include incongruent cultural and religious beliefs, conflicting values, and how the differences are handled. It is the same for Korean parenting. Traditional Korean motherhood lies deeply in Confucianism—which defines women as mothers after marriage and requires them to give absolute dedication to their children. In this cultural approach, Korean mother’s devotion to the educational excellence and success of their children is second to none.

Christianity, on the other hand, states that a person’s identity is based on their relationship with God. In this context, how mothers care and do for their children doesn’t seem to be related to the framework of a family. Korean immigrant mothers treat themselves as the children’s custodians whom God has entrusted them to take care of.

How Christian Korean Mothers View Parenting

Some themes emerged from studying Korean mother’s parenting methods to their children, which includes:

  • Entrusting their children to Korean churches
  • Viewing God as the one in charge of their children
  • Submitting to God’s will for the welfare of their children
  • Making children’s Christian identity as the top priority

These four themes that emerge from the basic values and beliefs imbued in the hearts and minds of Christian Korean immigrant mothers, are, as a matter of fact, directly come from Christian religious practice.

The first theme, “Entrusting their children to Korean churches”, shows the mother’s wish to provide a safe environment for their children. They deeply believe that only God and the churches could give safe environments. Concerning this, they urge their children to take an active part in church activities rather than be corrupted by youth culture.

The second theme, “Viewing God as the one in charge of their children”, shows that Christian Korean mothers deeply believe that God is responsible for directing the lives of their children. They are only there as a guide and entrust everything as long as it’s on God’s will.

The third theme, “Submitting to God’s will for the welfare of their children”, conveys that Christian Korean mothers struggled to give the best for their children in the present, rather than focusing their wants for their children in the future. They dedicate their lives to discovering and nurturing the God-given talents of their children rather than asserting their wants and desires for them. Because success and educational attainment is deeply appreciated in Korean culture, the attempts of these mothers will be a major challenge.

The last theme, “Making children’s Christian identity as the top priority”, reflects the Christian Korean mother’s guidance to nurture the faith of their children until adolescence. Though they still appreciate success, education, and occupation, their deepest wish is to see their children walk in the path of God daily.

Final Thoughts

Christianity to parenting in Korean mother’s view is not only restricted on the regular basis of their children for the future. Rather, Christianity becomes the core, their guidelines for their motherhood. Considering this, Christianity plays a crucial role in the upbringing of children in the lives of Christian Korean mothers.

Child Car Safety

13+ Proven Child Car Safety Tips for Worry-Free Driving

Keeping children safe while driving is the utmost priority. However, it’s not enough to simply purchase and install kids car seats but you need to compare chicco keyfit 30 vs nuna pipa for a best selection. You must also know where the children should sit and how they should be positioned considering their age. Browse through the safety tips below for worry-free driving even with children onboard.

Car Safety Basics

When installing kids car seats

The child seat must be fit for the child’s size.

Make sure the child seat meets the quality standards of your country.

The child seat must be placed on the rear seats and not the front passenger seat.

Religiously follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly install the child seat.

Fit the child seat tightly so it doesn’t wobble when you drive.

Adjust the front seats so the child seat can be installed without any obstructions.


Never start driving unless the seatbelts are properly worn.

The child seat straps must be free from twists and do not rest on the child’s neck. When you notice the straps twisted or undone, pull over safely and redo the straps before continuing to drive.

When a booster seat is used, the straps must rest at the center of the shoulders so it’s far from the neck and is unlikely to slip off.

Do not put a child on your lap and use one seatbelt for both of you. First of all, one seatbelt should be worn by only one person. Second of all, in case of a sudden impact, the child’s weight will triple (due to the force associated with the speed of the vehicle), making it hard to hold the child in place when a collision happens.

Age-Appropriate Child Car Safety Tips

0-6 months

Children this young must never sit in the front row if the car has at least two rows of seats.

6 months-4 years

The rule above also applies. However, there’s only one row of seats, use an appropriate car seat to be installed in the front passenger seat. The seat should be front-facing because when the airbag is deployed upon impact, the force will push against the back of the seat which can cause fatal injuries.

4-7 years

These kids can sit in the front row but only if they have the appropriate seats and the seats on the back row/s are already occupied by other kids less than 7 years old. The child seat must be installed facing forward. Additionally, it must be adjusted and pulled back as far as possible to keep the child from being hit by the airbag when it deploys.

7 years or more

Kids at this age are allowed to sit in front using a regular seatbelt (if they’re big enough to fit) or a high-quality booster seat.

Additional Safety Tips

An adult must keep the child company at the back rows to make sure the child is always in place.

Loose items must be kept in the glove box so they don’t cause more injury when a crash happens.

Don’t leave a child unattended inside the car, even when not driving.

Keep in mind

Child seats and seatbelts can only go so far. They are supplementary protection gears that minimize injuries (when installed and used properly) in case of a collision. However, they don’t prevent accidents from happening. Therefore, the best child car safety tip is to consistently practice responsible driving. Drive safely!



Some women fear having a baby because they think there will be lots of changes in their body and skin and that they may not go back to old form second, they dont know about betakaroten best i test. Significant changes will occur in your body, most notably to your skin for nine months. If you do not do something to get them out, chances are these will live with you permanently.

In this light, it becomes customary for a woman to keep her skin beautiful while carrying her child. Of course, we are speaking about women who have good healthy skin before they got pregnant. They are the most afraid and in a desperate search for ways in achieving healthy looking skin.

Skin Issues Faced During Pregnancy

Here are some issues that develop during pregnancy that makes this skin undesirable and lifeless:

・      Chloasma

During pregnancy, hormonal changes will occur and cause your skin to create dark irregular patches called chloasma or melasma. These patches, which are most common on your face, appear to grow more when exposed to the sun.

Chloasma is likely to develop in women: 1) with light-brown skin, 2) who live in the hottest countries in the world, and 3) who take oral contraceptives (the pill). Some cases fade after giving birth, while some stay longer.

・      Stretch Marks

You may also develop stretch marks, particularly around your stomach or sometimes on your upper thighs or breasts. People in the past will give blame to women scratching when they feel itchy, but there is no scientific basis for this.

Stretch marks that usually appear in the last three months of pregnancy are not harmful. They shrink or fade over time, yet for most beautiful future moms, it is not acceptable.

・      Pimples and Acne

The extra hormone secreted during pregnancy causes oil glands to produce excess oil and cause breakouts of pimples and acne.

・      Varicose Veins

These bluish veins that appear on your legs occur because your body is compensating for the extra blood flow to the baby. It is hereditary.

Aside from your neck and armpits, other parts of the body get darker during pregnancy like moles, freckles, birthmarks, the area surrounding the nipples, and the “linea nigra” in your stomach. These changes disappear on their own after you give birth. But for nine months, you have to agree with hurtful comments folks around would be saying, especially if they are real.

The Five Secrets

With the aforementioned issues, here are five tips you can do to have beautiful skin during your pregnancy:

  1. Protect your skin with a high-factor sunscreen every day. Do not sunbathe. Continue use even after pregnancy.
  2. Apply hydrating moisturizing creams prescribed by skin experts (Vitamin E oil) to reduce the itchiness of the stomach.
  3. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C and Omega 3 essential fats

Vitamin C rich foods fight off oxidative damage. Vegetables include peppers (red/green/yellow) and broccoli. Fruits include oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, and lemons.

Omega 3 essential fats help reduce the look of fine lines and increase the elasticity of the skin. Food sources are oily fish like salmon and tuna, eggs, bread or juice, dark green vegetables, flaxseeds, and walnuts.

  1. Drink lots of water, preferably with lemon
  2. Move or walk as much as possible to improve blood flow and decrease the development of varicose veins.

Final Word

Healthy-looking skin is one that is hydrated, nourished, and no blemish. During pregnancy, your skin becomes sensitive to hormonal changes and leave unwanted marks. However, just follow the tips mentioned above to prevent or mitigate some of the undesirable skin issues that come with pregnancy.


Can CBD Oil Be Used To Treat ADHD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the active component in cannabis. There is increasing popularity for CBD Oil and related brands like CBD Fable, because of research showing that it has beneficial in certain diseases.

There has been evidence concerning CBD oil showing that it can reduce ADHD symptoms, but so far there has not been sufficient medical evidence to support this.

All considering the use of CBD Oil must know the regulations about it in their district and not substitute standard treatments for ADHD with Cannabidiol without consulting a physician.

Here are facts that must be known about Cannabidiol and CBD Oil:

CBD oil is derived from Cannabis plants and has high levels of cannabidiol

CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a compound in cannabis that makes people high

CBD oil potentially has many positive benefits to health by interacting with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system in the body.

Is CBD Oil A Good Treatment For ADHD?

There is not enough scientific information available to prove that CBD can treat ADHD. The research available today focuses on ADHD and cannabis.

There have been reports claiming the efficacy of CBD oil in dealing with restlessness and hyperactivity symptoms of ADHD. A study conducted in 2017 on adults who self-medicated with cannabis revealed an insignificant reduction of symptoms and cerebral function improvement in hyperactivity and impulsivity. These results were not sufficient to conclude that cannabis was more effective than placebo.

The Relationship Between Symptoms In ADHD And CBD Oil

There must be further research conducted to determine the effect of CBD oil on symptoms in ADHD.

Although CBD oil is most likely not going to be the mainstay treatment for ADHD, it may reduce certain symptoms.

ADHD patients experience anxiety, which aggravates other symptoms. There have been some studies that prove the efficacy of CBD oil in reducing anxiety.

A study conducted in 2016 claimed that CBD potentially helps insomnia in children. More research needs to be conducted to investigate this effect.

Potential Unwanted Effects Of CBD

Some side effects of CBD include nausea, drowsiness, and headaches. People who have inhaled CBD have experienced irritation in the lungs and cough.

According to researchers, the potential side effects, in the long run, are unknown.

Is CBD Safe?

There have been cases where it has been recommended by doctors, but not usually in ADHD.

There are some concerns such as higher risks of impairment in the cognitive functions of children. These concerns do not have proper scientific basis yet.

ADHD patients have much higher risks of substance abuse, which may come to play in the variable sources of CBD, like marijuana. Research has shown that patients that are children are at 1.5 times higher risk for having marijuana substance abuse disorder.

How Can CBD Be Used?

CBD can be found in variable forms in some online stores and pharmacies.

Some companies make it in the form of snacks and treats, capsules, or inhaled forms.

Guidelines for dosages are not currently available, so it is best to utilize the least effective dose to manage symptoms.


CBD has different regulations concerning its legality and use. It is best to research the laws in place your specific area before purchasing it.


There is limited research on the effects of CBD on ADHD. CBD oil is not yet an option for ADHD treatment, and there must be further research to determine its effects.

People considering using CBD oil for ADHD management are advised to consult their physicians and to research on the laws and legality in place in their resident state or country.

Exercises to Enjoy with Your Kids at Home

Exercises to Enjoy with Your Kids at Home

Doing exercise at home is not impossible. Even with your kids present in the house, you can still do some workout routines to keep yourself fit. In fact, you can even involve your kids to make the workout session more challenging and enjoyable for you and your kids.

Here are some best treadmills exercises you can do that you and your kids will surely love:

Bear Crawls

Pretend to be bears racing one another with your “cubs” by putting your palms and feet flat on the ground and arching your back. The position alone is challenging in itself, and racing one another to a prize makes it both challenging and fun. You can even “rawr!” once you get to the prize to make the bear persona more realistic and fun.


Push-ups are a common exercise at home that you can do every day. Just put your palms on the floor, shoulder-width apart and plant your feet, making sure that your behind is not arching up, then push up and down. Your kid’s role here is pretty simple: just put them on your back while you do the push-ups.


Another common exercise at home is sit-ups. You would have to lie on your back with your legs bent up, your knees in the air, and your feet tucked under your kid. You can ask your kid to hold your feet down or just sit on them.

Star Jumps

Whenever you see kids, you can almost always see them jumping around, which is why the star jumps are a perfect exercise to do with them. Just stand and jump, making an X with your body while you are in the air. This kind of exercise is really good at burning fats and making the kids exhausted. Win-win!

Mountain Climbers

You don’t have to get out of the house and go to the mountains just to do some mountain climbing exercise; you can do it right in your house. Do mountain climbers workout by getting into a push-up position while your kids do the same on your side. Bring your knees to your elbows alternately. Do this as fast as you can, and make it more exciting by wearing some gear for climbing that can make your kid feel like it’s actually mountain climbing.


Lunges are basically stepping forward with one knee bending, almost touching the floor, and the other making a 90-degree angle. You can do this while carrying your child, making the exercise more challenging for you and absolutely fun for your kid.


Planks look easy, but they’re not. Get into a push-up position, but don’t go up and down. Just hold it there for as long as you can. Put your kid on your back to both involve them and make the exercise harder.

Jumping Jacks

Again with the jumping. Do jumping jacks by jumping while you put your hands together above your head and your feet are planted apart on the floor, then do it in reverse for the next jump. This classic exercise is surely something that your kids will also enjoy doing.


Doing these exercises with your kids is fun and all, but do not forget that the goal is to do them properly to achieve the benefits. Also, prioritize your child’s safety. If you think that the exercise is a bit dangerous for your kid, put some safety precautions or just don’t do it at all.

CBD Oil and Their Kids

What Parents Need to Know About CBD Oil and Their Kids

CBD oil has become popular among people because of its numerous possible benefits. However, because it is still new to the market, a lot of people still have their concerns about it, especially when it comes to children. So to help you understand more, these products are edibles infused with cannabidiol which you should know about giving CBD oil to your children.

CBD Oil is not marijuana.

A lot of people think that because it comes from the same plant marijuana does, it is already bad and illegal, but THC is different from CBD.

THC is the one you can find in marijuana, and it is what’s responsible for people getting high. It goes to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, which then makes people high. Do note that the amount of THC in any medicine equals to the high one can get from it.

CBD does not produce high because it does not get mixed in the brain’s cannabinoid receptors.

CBD oils are different from one another.

Selling CBD oil that contains THC is illegal in most places. However, online CBD oils may be more prone to having THC as these products are not checked by the government. The government is working very hard to make sure that all CBD oils sold are THC-free, but that does not mean that all CBD products you buy are actually THC-free as it’s quite impossible for the government to check all sellers.

Moreover, you should know that CBD products are not created equally. This means that others are of higher quality than some. Therefore, it is your responsibility to thoroughly check the CBD oil you buy. Check the product label. Read reviews from reliable people. If possible, buy from recommended sellers.

CBD oil may help with some kid’s disorders.

We are talking about anxiety, ADHD, depression, and such as CBD oil has components that may help calm a person. A number of researches have been done to test this, and some medical doctors acknowledge these benefits. However, it is still advisable that you consult a professional doctor before administering CBD oil to yourself and most especially to your kids. As stated above, CBD oils are made differently so your physician might prescribe you a different one from the one you’re already looking at. Moreover, your physician is more knowledgeable about the possible positive and negative effects of CBD oil on your kids depending on your child’s medical history.

Do it legally.

Despite CBD oil becoming popular in many places in the world, it is still not legal everywhere. Mostly, it is only legal in places where marijuana is. Therefore, just purchasing it online or over-the-counter may cause you some problems with the authorities.

Do research on where you want to buy your CBD oil. Make sure that it is legally allowed for you to do so. If you’re not sure, it might be best to buy one with a doctor’s prescription.

CBD oil can be expensive.

If you’re already convinced about giving your kids CBD oil, you have to know that it can be expensive, particularly if you plan to give it your kids regularly. Sometimes, regular administration of it can cost you around $500 monthly, and the worst part is most insurance companies do not cover it.


It may seem easy enough to give CBD oil to your kids, but do not overlook the possible effects of it. Effects may still vary depending on the person taking it. Thus, it is advisable that you always have a professional with you every step of the way.

CBD safe

Is CBD safe to use by breastfeeding moms?

Almost all substances and chemicals that circulate in a mother’s system can be transferred to their babies via breast feeding. As explained by Laweekly, CBD and CBD products are fat-soluble substances that can be easily transferred through breast milk since breast milk is composed mostly of fatty acids—and fat soluble substances are known to be more transferrable through fatty acids compared to water soluble compounds.

With this in mind, the introduction of CBD to babies is inevitable if mothers opt to decide on using CDB oil while breastfeeding. Though very small amounts of CBD are transmitted via breast milk, the effects of small amounts of CBD to babies are not yet well researched and studied.

Scientific stand on introduction of CBD  to babies

There are almost no known scientific studies regarding the effects of CBD on babies. However, there are some studies in the past that do not recommend THC (tetrahydrocannabinol be used by breastfeeding mothers.

These studies further indicate that THC and other psychoactive drugs such as marijuana, etc. can affect the babies in a relatively bad way. Experts highly discourage the use of these products if you are breastfeeding.

But CBD in itself is not a psychoactive drug. This fact establishes that CBD may not be as harmful as THC.

CBD works differently compared to the said psychoactive drugs. It acts as a balancing agent, promotes homeostasis and does not set one’s body into one direction or the other.

Doctors and experts’ opinions with the use of CBD to breastfeeding moms

Most doctors highly discourage the use of CBD by breastfeeding moms because of the sole reason that there is no backing research regarding this topic.

But statistics specifically noted that out of 1,000 women who had used CBD while they are breastfeeding exhibited no negative effects while using this product.

Things to do when using CBD

When you choose to use CBD while still breasfeeding, you must take into consideration that you are using this product at your own and your baby’s risk. As a responsible mother, you must first consult with your doctor to know if CBD is the right product for you.

Ask and listen to your doctors’ opinions and never force your way in using CBD if they don’t give you their “go” signal. Most doctors only allow this kind of risk if the supplement’s benefits greatly outweigh the negative effects.

In the event that your doctors allow you to take CBD while breaatfeeding, you must always keep in mind that moderation is key to avoid any health risk that may do harm to your baby. Never abuse these supplements and always use them only when needed. Lastly, report any suspicious side effects that you or your baby may show upon using of CBD.


Though CBD is being used by many mothers while breastfeeding, there is no 100% guarantee that CBD or CBD oil can be safely used by breastfeeding moms. Future research and clinical trials must be done before anyone can conclude that breastfeeding mothers can use CBD without risking both their lives and their babies.