Testosterone in Children
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Understanding Testosterone in Children

A testosterone test measures the amount of testosterone level in the blood. Testogen 2019 control the Testosterone, which is a hormone found in both men and women, has the ability to control sperm production, regulate sex drive, increase energy, and enhance muscle mass. It is produced in larger amounts in the testes in boys and a smaller amount in ovaries of girls.

The testosterone level in younger boys is relatively low compared to that of men. Boys begin to experience the physical signs of testosterone at the ages of 10-14 as they approach puberty. At this stage, the pituitary gland secretes two hormones: the luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone which stimulates the testes to produce testosterone. In females, testosterone is produced in the ovaries.

Testosterone levels are higher in boys than in girls. This explains why boys have a deep voice, body hair, increased physical strength, and increased muscle mass.

Types of Testosterone Test

The testosterone test may be done in two ways:

  • Total testosterone – this test measures the whole amount of testosterone in the body. This includes testosterone attached to proteins as well as free testosterone.
  • Free Testosterone – this test only measures the testosterone that is not bound to proteins

Why is Testosterone Blood Test Done?

Doing a blood test is the best way to diagnose low or high testosterone levels.

Your doctor may order this test if your boy is experiencing delayed puberty due to low testosterone levels. Low levels of testosterone in boys, known as hypogonadism, can lead to low muscle mass, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and more. Most men who have low levels of this hormone usually use testosterone boosters like Testogen to enhance their testosterone levels.

Doctors may also conduct a testosterone blood test if a boy enters early puberty due to high testosterone levels. In girls, high testosterone levels can lead to infertility, facial and body hair, or irregular/absent menstrual periods.

Apart from that, testosterone blood testing is done to:

Check for Diseases

Additionally, the test may be used to check for disease associated with adrenal glands, ovaries, testes, or pituitary gland. It’s also used to determine steroid use.

Evaluate Fertility or Menstrual Issues

The test helps determine sexual function, fertility, and menstrual problems.

The Preparation

No special preparation is required to do the testosterone level test. However, since testosterone levels are highest in the morning, the doctor may ask you to take your child in the morning (between 7 am and 10 am). Besides, it’s wise to dress your child in loose-fitting clothes like a t-shirt for easy withdrawal of blood.

The Procedure

The steps involved during a testosterone level test are as follows:

  1. The healthcare provider will use an antiseptic to clean the area of insertion (usually in the arm inside the elbow or back of the hand.)
  2. He will then tie an elastic band (tourniquet) around the upper arm to make the veins swell with blood.
  3. After that, he will insert a needle into the vein to withdraw blood.
  4. The elastic band will them be removed and pressure is applied on the injected area and covered with a bandage to stop bleeding.

Risks Associated with the Test

Although this is a safe procedure, there are some risks associated with the test such as:

  • Fainting
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Lightheadedness
  • Puncture wounds from trying to locate a vein
  • Infection

Collecting the Results

Since the blood sample is processed by a machine, you can expect the results within a few days.


As a parent, it is important to explain the procedure to your child in order to calm him down. During the procedure, encourage your kid to relax his muscles as tense muscles can only make drawing blood more painful.

Coffee Good for Kids
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Is Coffee Good for Kids?

Growing up, parents were always advising their children to steer clear from coffee. A lot of beliefs were made around this notion. Adults usually tell children that coffee can make them age faster, give them a hard time sleeping at night, stunt their growth, or make them hyperactive. Is there truth behind all these beliefs? Is coffee really good for kids?

As parents, we must know first whether drinking coffee is actually beneficial to your child’s growth or could harm them in the future. Here are several facts about coffee and how it can affect your child’s growth and development.

Benefits and Dangers of Drinking Coffee Among Children

Coffee has known properties that are beneficial to the body. It is observed that, for children, having coffee mixed with milk can help them battle depression more effectively in the future while reducing their chances of experiencing it. Drinking soft-served coffee assists them in their concentration, allowing them to study their lessons more efficiently, resulting in better grades. Earlier exposure to coffee, alongside beer and other adult drinks, can help them control the intake of these beverages even better in the future.

However, alongside its benefits, there are also dangers and cautions that were linked to drinking coffee, especially with its caffeine content. Here are some of them:


Children who drink coffee regularly were found to experience difficulty in sleeping. Caffeine is a known stimulant, and the effects of it include the reduced need for sleep. Children, especially those below nine years old, were recommended to get at least ten to eleven hours of sleep for optimal growth and development. Teenagers need nine hours of sleep. The reduced sleep hours would lead to other physiological and psychological ailments in the body.


The acidity in coffee can reduce the strength of the tooth enamel. The substance produced by our body to make teeth takes years; the problem is that it is sensitive to acidic materials. Thus, having coffee at an early age could lead to oral health issues.

Decreased Appetite

Children are required to eat balanced meals three times a day. Drinking coffee can affect their appetite for food. Caffeine is also an addictive substance and might incline the child to depend on coffee for everyday energy, which is not recommended by most pediatricians and dieticians.

Bone Loss

Just consuming 100mg of caffeine takes away 6 mg of calcium content in our bones. Uncontrolled intake of coffee for children stimulates bone density loss, leading to bone problems, especially during their old age.


As a stimulant, coffee boosts energy levels in the human body. Children could become overly active, and coffee can affect their mental focus, leading to attention deficiency and loss of body control.


Amidst the claims of parents who observed their children drinking coffee, no studies have ever been conducted to properly and systematically observe physiological and psychological behavior in children when drinking coffee. However, it is not also good for children to become overly inclined to coffee and its substance.

Some parents suggest serving their children coffee mixed with milk and chocolate to lessen up the coffee content and help them take more of the essential nutrients through their coffee mixes. There are no known claims of advanced dangers in giving coffee to children, but pediatricians continue to counsel parents on the proper nutrition their children should take.

Keep Your Kids Fit
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How to Keep Your Kids Fit

With the increasing cases of child obesity today, parents must know the importance of fitness to their children. Eating healthy foods is a good start in keeping the kids enjoy overall fitness while maintaining total well-being altogether. According to this website, it is also important to balance eating healthy foods with regular physical activity. These two factors will definitely help in keeping the children healthy and fit at the same time.

The next challenge is for the parents to make their children live a healthy lifestyle as this will greatly contribute to the overall process of maintaining the fitness of their children. In this article, we will discuss different ways to keep your kids fit for a long time.

Promote fitness at your own home

The most practical way is to be a role model to your kids inside your home by influencing them to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle. Parents should be the one to buy and use those workout machines and show their children that eating healthy and exercising regularly is the best decision they can make in their life. Make it a point to show to your kids that a regular exercise and a regular physical activity can go a long way.

Involve your children in your regular exercise and physical activity

Influencing and showing it to your kids is not enough as you need to encourage them to join you in doing regular exercise and eating healthy. You can even encourage them to join you while you are doing your regular early-morning jog and exercise routine. If they are old enough, you can even bring your children during your gym workout and teach them how to use those workout machines little by little.

Consider giving them fitness-oriented presents on special occasions

This is a clever way that you can do to help your children maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve his overall fitness. Instead of giving him toys for his birthday, how about giving your child mini-trampoline, bicycle, jumping rope, or other related toys that promote physical activity. By doing this, you are indirectly pushing him to do physical activities and movements that will help the child maintain overall fitness.

Limit your children’s TV, mobile, and other gadget’s exposure

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children must only engage a maximum of two hours of daily gadget exposure. This is because too much exposure to television and other related entertainment will promote laziness and make them unable to move, thus affecting their health and fitness.

Make them participate in sports activities

Whether it is in school or in the neighborhood, encourage your children to participate and engage in a sports activity. Always provide support and give them encouragement in any competitions and sports activities they choose to participate in. Let them feel your full support as it will help them take the sport seriously and increase their interest at the same time.

There are several ways to help your kids maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote overall fitness. The parents are the most important factors in achieving and influencing their child to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Turmeric Safe for Children
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Is Turmeric Safe for Children?

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a flowering plant under the same family as ginger. You may have first heard of turmeric as an Indian food staple due to its vibrant color. However, with the influence of the internet, kurkuma capsules and turmeric has suddenly turned into an ‘it’ food. The rate of internet users searching for turmeric has surprisingly increased, according to Google Food Trends.

Apart from being utilized as food spice, it’s also used for medicinal purposes. In Chinese and Indian medicine, turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory compound. Furthermore, turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, has been discovered to have antioxidant, antiviral, and anticancer properties. As a result of this research discovery, the distribution of turmeric supplement has become rampant worldwide. While it’s legally sold in the market, people, especially children, should not ingest this supplement without medical advice from a licensed physician.

Children are more prone to experience complications since their body is still undergoing development. Therefore, parents should be wary in giving their little ones turmeric supplements. Here are some thing things you should consider when having kids take turmeric:

Proper Usage

Turmeric is readily available in the market and the supplement counterpart of it can be purchased without prescription from the doctor. As a result, it’s easy to get hold of it without interrogation from the salesperson. While it can easily be bought in the market or online, parents should practice precaution upon giving it to their children. They must seek medical advice from a licensed physician first before letting their little ones ingest turmeric supplements.

Right Dosage

Turmeric supplements are available in various forms (e.g. tablets, capsules), each having different recommended dosage per consumer. Typically, the dosage for drugs and supplements are determined by weight. However, to prevent overdose, it’s best to seek medical advice from your doctor. The same practice goes for children.

Possible Side Effects

Although turmeric is generally imposed as safe when ingested, some individuals might be allergic to it whereas others undergo minor side effects like nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. An improper dosage of turmeric supplements can also entail risks for users after consuming it for a long period. Possible risks of long-term turmeric supplements ingestion include upset stomach and in rare cases, gastric ulcers.


Children with certain medical conditions are not advised to eat turmeric or are only recommended to ingest in minute amount, as suggested by the doctor, to prevent complications. For children with gallbladder problems, they are not advised to ingest turmeric since it may further damage the organ. In addition, turmeric can also interfere blood from clotting, so children scheduled for surgery must not consume any food with turmeric.


Turmeric, under the same family as ginger, is mainly used as food spice in various cuisines due to its bright color. Apart from food, it’s also used for medical purposes due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and anticancer properties. Children can ingest turmeric, as long as it’s taken with right dosage and as advised by licensed health professionals.

Video Games
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List of Video Games that Your Kids Can Enjoy

As parents, you don’t want your kids too exposed to the violence in video games. If you use background check services to look into school shooters, you’ll notice that a lot of them love playing violent games. The people used this before never ask if is truthfinder a scam? At the same time, you won’t want your kids to miss out a really important part of their childhood too.

So, the compromise between that is to just monitor what games they play. If you’re having trouble picking out the games for your children, check out our list of games that are safe for your kids to play and that they can enjoy as well.

Cities: Skyline

Cities: Skyline is a very wholesome game with gorgeous graphics. Basically, your job is to create architectural structures in your city and take pictures of them. The reason why it’s great for kids is because it encourages creativity. In fact, it can even encourage your kids to become architects when they grow up.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

There’s nothing better than putting all your favorite game heroes in a battle royale. While this game is known to have some violence, you won’t see anything bloody. It’s basically just Mario, Link, Kirby, DK, Ken, and more characters beating each other down until one of them wins. It’s a great Nintendo Switch game that you can play with the whole family or a bunch of friends.

Beat Saber

If you love virtual reality games that involve great graphics, rhythm, and Star Wars, you’ll love Beat Saber. Not only is it a game that’s fun, but it’s also a game that can make you work up a sweat too. It’s basically dancing with lightsabers with music at the background.

Surviving Mars

Have you ever dreamed of going to Mars? Well, you and your kids can play the next best thing—a simulation of being in mars. Basically, you play as an astronaut that’s the first person on Mars. You need to build your own camp there with drones, settlements, and other stuff. Take note that you have limited resources so you have to know how to manage them well to survive.


Lastly, we’ve got Roblox which is a game for 12-year-old kids and under. You have the choice to play over 20 million plus games along with other active members. You can also make your own games for the community members to play. The templates are all there for you to choose from.

As you can see, there are no violent and bloody scenes in these games. These games are all very wholesome and some even quite educational. If you’re a parent and would want to watch over the games that your kid plays, you’d best take a look at our list of games your kid can enjoy. You can even play these games with your kids because they’re also targeted to older audiences as well (maybe with the exception of the Roblox games but there are some adults or older kids in the community). With that, happy playing!

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Easy T-Shirt Screen Printing for Kids

Are you a crafty kind of parent who wants to spend less money on quality items for your little darlings? If yes, then this article will be of great help in making custom t-shirts for you and your tiny loved ones. Let’s take a look at what to keep in mind in making such project.

Do Some Research

Conducting research on thatshirt.com is the first most important thing to do. Visualizing the things to be done is a must. As much as possible, you should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and techniques needed for screen printing. This is equally applicable to things that we do for the first time. If you are familiar with it, reviewing a thing or two will help you keep the project smooth sailing. This could also be one of the determining factors of how long will you be able to accomplish a project. A better time management will be helpful as well.

Choose The Design

There are wide varieties of designs to choose from. Templates are also readily available online. Sometimes, kids like to use their own drawing as the design of their shirts. If this will be a gift for someone, make sure to be sneaky enough to know what image that person loves to see. You should practically know for sure what words or symbols will make them smile. The design will play a big role on how you will manage your budget, time and effort to make things successful.

Prepare Your Materials

After deciding the kind of design you want to make, list all the materials needed for the project and prepare them beforehand. It’s ideal to make a checklist to keep things organize and make sure that everything is set.

These are mostly what you will use to do a silkscreen print. If there are other things that you might need, feel free to include it in your list.

  • Plastic embroidery hoops as big as the design you want to make
  • A screen such as a fine mesh or a chiffon cloth
  • Mod podge
  • Paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paint
  • Old newspaper to keep the place protected from the paint mess
  • A template of the design printed or drawn
  • A thin plastic card to wipe off the project paint later
  • T-shirt of your color choice

Organize Your Task

Since you have the necessary things needed to do the project, your next best step is to create your to-do list. Make sure it is a detailed one so that you will seamlessly carry out the project without ending up in a mess. It is also better to try things out first before actually doing them. Be very meticulous and careful with your materials.

Do-it-yourself projects are fun and worthwhile, but it is also important to know these guidelines to come up with the best custom t-shirts for your children. Your kids will definitely feel positive when they are guided properly in a step-by-step process. And after the project, they will surely feel accomplished knowing how the project has turned out.

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What I Love About Being a Mother

I am currently a mother of two kids– a nine-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl. Both these children have given me unforgettable moments of joy. I have also experienced a lot of tensions and have spent hours worrying about the welfare of my kids and myself. I have successfully placed these negativities aside and only carry the pleasures, the awesome surprises and the magical moments that are a gift of motherhood. I wish to share, with everyone who is interested my stories of becoming a caring mother from a carefree- easy-going- twenty-

two-year-old young woman.

Loving naughtiness

A couple of years ago, when my kids were not as understanding as they are slowly becoming now, I used to have a tough time keeping them in control. They wanted the same things and often quarrelled. The younger one would snatch at the elder one’s picture books and before I could stop them, their favorite rhyme page was in pieces. The toy basket was always tumbled upside down, and both of them wanted to climb over it at the same time. I had my daily chores to complete, yet I had to help them climb over the basket. The laughter that followed was more precious than everything in the world.


Growing kids demand time. The modern age with its technical overgrowth is making my kids smarter than I expected. My responsibilities today are to help them develop their understanding of the world and its ways. Moving in pace with time they need to know all yet refrain from things that can contaminate their innocent minds. I want them to grow up with pleasant memories, and for this, I spend as much time as I can with them. I know that very soon they will grow independent and their innocent mischief will not be there in the days to come.

For now, I enjoy everything that my kids do. It is a time that I wish will not pass too soon!